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Episode 28: “Recruit-a-Monk”

13 Sep


Recruit a friend and dual boxing = instant level 80 panda monk!

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I took the summer off with the kiddos, but now I’m back for more Epic Diaper segments.

I’m a bit of an altoholic, and as of today, I have 7 level 85s and 3 level 81s, all 10 slots are full. Before 5.0.4, I assumed that we wouldn’t get that 11th character slot until MoP drops on September 25. However, Blizzard surprised me in giving us that 11th slot in patch 5.0.4!! What did that mean for me? Well, another alt! But, wait, I have one of every class, and monks aren’t available until MoP, so what would I put there?! Good question, Mr. third party brain!! Why, I do WANT a panda monk, afterall, and there’s a way I can get a level 80 panda monk within hours of MoP launching. You cannot boost a panda monk with the Scroll of Resurrection, unfortunately, but Blizzard has been clear about allowing you to grant levels from Recruit a Friend!

So, it’s a bit tricky, but this is what I’m currently doing: I bought the WoW Battlechest and Wrath for $5 each during the August sale on Blizzard’s site. $10. Now, I emailed myself the RAF code and established the new account on my Battle.net account, which starts the clock for the 90 day duration of benefits (summoning, triple xp, etc.). I then created 2 blood elf mages, and equipped BOTH of them with a full caster dps heirloom set (yes, I spent the justice points and gold on a second set). The reason is that heirloom XP boosts (a total of 35%) STACKS with the 300% RAF boost for a total of 335%!!!

I plan on leveling this first pair of mages to 80, then deleting the mage from my veteran account, as she takes up that 11th character slot, and I need a new team. The referred account mage now has 40 levels to grant my panda monk (you get 1 level to grant for every 2 levels you gain). But that’s not enough. So, I will level a SECOND pair of mages to 40, so the referred account now has 20 levels to grant, and then I’ll level a third pair of mages to level 20, so the referred account has 10 levels to grants! That’s 70 levels total, why not 80? Well, when you create a panda (and I’m creating a panda monk), you need to level through the starting zone to the point where you choose a faction, which is at level 10. You can’t grant a panda monk levels before that, as stated by Blizzard. That’s fine, I want to see the starting zone anyway!

Once MoP drops, I’ll level that Kung-fu panda to 10, then have my level 20 mage summon him to Orgrimmar to grant him 10 levels to level 20. Then I will log on the level 40 mage, grant the panda 20 levels to level 40, and finally, log on with my level 80 mage and grant him 40 levels to level 80.9999! Note: make sure you have your boosted character at a bubble shy of the next level. This way, he/she will be one bubble away from level 81 and save you an hour or two of leveling in Cata content.

Happy Boosting!!



RAF Update!

22 Jul

Hey all! Hope you got to hear my last segment on “The Instance” about the Firelands dailies! Unfortunately life has gotten in the way of producing a segment for today’s show. My daughter’s at camp, I’ve been diving a lot, and I was honored to be selected to play in my baseball league’s all-star game a couple nights ago (not bad for a 37 yr old!).

I’m still a few days away from unlocking the Molten Front vendors. I have 10 orbs saved up to immediately craft some 365 gear for me, but since that time, I finally have equipped 359 in every slot. I’m not sure it’s worth expense, or rather, missing out at the potential income of crafting and SELLING the 365 gear…especially the weapons. Could be a quick 20-30k or more. Not much to gain for 6 item levels in my own gear.

I haven’t had much time to dungeon (nor desire), but I have hopped back on my Warrior/Priest dual boxing RAF team. They hit 40 last night, and they are at 13 hours played. That also includes a couple of hours just tweaking my ISboxer settings. Last night was smooth grinding. Just skipped the collection quests, focused on the kill/target quests, and I went from 30-40 in 2.5 hours last night. And remember, that’s for 2 toons, not 1, and I’ll be able to grant 40 levels to another level 40 character once these hit 80. Both toons are guilded, so that’s a 10% mount speed increase and another 10% leveling speed boost, on top of all the heirloom gear and RAF boosting. Typically 3-4 quests completed equate to a full level. It’s almost unfair.

Off to 1k Needles and Tanaris for another quick 10 levels….

EDIT: I posted this one hour ago. Since then I’ve gained 4 levels on both toons…sheesh….


10 Jul

Orc Warrior and BE priest...love?

So, with the expansion of Recruit a Friend to level 80, AND 4.1 patch’s ability to send heirloom items to other accounts on the same Battle.net account, I decided I’d go ahead and level my level 10 warrior bank alt and a priest to boost my level 48 hunter.

I first thought I’d do what’s easier…level dual shadow priests. The reason is that it’s easier to dual-box the same class. However, I have a level 10 bank alt warrior. He’s been with me for 5 years. I feel bad for him. So….I mailed my clothie heirlooms to my newly created second account (on my battle.net account, which is a new feature of patch 4.1) and of course, my warrior already had all the heirlooms (okay, leather chest, shoot me).

Also, even though it will probably take me a little longer to dual box a tank/healer duo, with a server transfer, I won’t have to dual box a second pair (unless I’m that psychotic). I have a level 48 hunter and 77 shammy, so when my priest hits 80, I can grant 32 levels to my hunter and 3 levels to my shammy to get them both to 80 (yeah, 5 wasted granted levels). I’ll pay $25 for that luxury.

I’ll try and update how the progress is going. I have 90 days to benefit from the triple xp, but if levels 10-25 are any indication, it will rock. I went from 10-25 on BOTH toons in just 3.5 hours. And that included a bunch of monkeying around with addons, macros, etc. I did 2 dungeon runs after level 15 and each run gave me 5 levels (3 at the end of each due to a massive xp gain).

I think I’ll take that.


Segment #4 as heard on “The Instance”

3 Jun

copyright Blizzard Entertainment...I don't want to be sued.

You can listen to Segment 4 of “Epic Diapers” at the end of episode 232 of “The Instance” at www.theinstance.net.



If you’re like me, you like alts…a lot. But, I don’t have the time to level them one by one. Heirlooms are nice, but dual boxing with recruit a friend is about 5 times as fast. What you get with this program is 300% experience gain from all sources.

10% bonus reputation gain, each toon can summon each other once an hour, and the recruit can donate up to 30 levels to the veteran account….plus, you get a swanky rocket mount.

So, how does it work exactly? Well, without going into the fine details of the process, you basically send yourself an email through the recruit-a-friend option on your battle.net account management page. Once your new trial account is established, your two WoW accounts are now “linked.” You will need to purchase a full copy of WoW, about $20, or you can wait for Christmas like I did and pick up a copy for $5. These accounts are linked for 90 days, and in that time, each account gets a free month. So, in all, you’re only shelling out $35 for everything…it’s the same cost for a winged eagle lion and cenarion hatchling, and quite honestly, I think it’s way more worth it to get lots of level 60s for this price…and you still get a mount on top of it, which is a $25 value anyway!

To play, just launch two sessions of WoW on your computer and create two toons that will be grouped together for the next 60 levels. As far as class selection goes, it’s generally easier to level two of the same class, say two mages, double pyroblasts anyone? It’s really up to you and your end goals. Either way, it will take some time to set up your follow and assist macros.

I generally get a pair of 60s up in 24 hours or less of played time. I then start another pair of toons, level them up to 30 in about 8 hours, and with the original recruit level 60, I can now grant 30 levels to my level 30 veteran toon, making him a level 60 instantly….man, you should see the language in chat when you gift these levels in the middle of Orgrimmar! Anyway, that’s 3 level 60s in about 32 hours played total!

You can do this as many times as you can within 90 days. If you have additional cash lying around, you can even transfer your level 60 toons from your recruit account to your veteran account.

And if you wondered, yes, this is completely legal, does not violate the terms of service; Blizzard has absolutely no problem with multi-boxers…I mean, it’s more money for them in the long run! And personally, I feel it’s a new, different, and challenging way to play the game.

Very detailed guides are available at dual-boxing.com.

You can also find a beginning dual boxers resource page here

Blizzard has a good FAQ about their RAF program

Multiboxing software info here

Follow me on twitter @epicdiapers and shoot me an email at epicdiapers at gmail.com.

And remember, it’s hard to balance the pew pew with the poo poo.

-Sihx, Earthen Ring US