My toons

All of my toons are on the Earthen Ring (US) server, in various subguilds from the main Alea Iacta Est guild.

I had a couple of toons in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but soon canceled my subscription due to lack of time and interest.

Current Main


Level 100 Male Tauren Frost/Blood DK

After raiding with “Noogie Nights” for 4 years, I took last year off, but I’m back with them in Warlords! Has more ore than he can handle.




Level 100 male Goblin Hunter

Had fun leveling this guy up by dual boxing with my shadow priest, Tefora. My second level 100 who just farms and does LFR and alchemy.



Level 90 male Blood Elf Warlock

makes bags and stuff




Level 90 male Panda Monk

The newest member to the alt family to complete my horde (get it) of all 11 classes to occupy all 11 slots on Earthen Ring (US).



Level 90 male blood elf Holy/Prot Paladin

main enchanter…disenchants everything from all my toons



Level 90 male undead Combat Rogue

My first original toon, born October 2006. Fails at PVP

unlocks all boxes, skins, and picks flowers…tried Archaeology…ick



Level 90 male undead Arcane Mage

former alt raider

Jewelcrafter and skinner



Level 87 female Blood Elf Priest

Had fun leveling her with my hunter up to 80. She was transferred back over from a second account, so she’s an expensive girl to maintain a relationship with.



Level 90 female Tauren Resto Druid. She was “chosen” to be boosted to level 90 when I pre-purchased Warlords of Draenor. She feels special, but don’t tell her that.

Alchemist: transmute spec….



Level 85 male tauren Elemental/Resto Shaman



Level 86 male orc Warrior. He used to be my bank alt, now he’s rocking plate instead of a t-shirt.


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