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Blizzcon or Bust! Probably Bust….

14 Oct

As I sit here and write this (probably shouldn’t be doing it on work time, though), I’m madly trying to organize my thoughts and lists for what I need to accomplish before Blizzcon next week. My eighth wedding anniversary was yesterday and my wife is suffering from a herniated disc, so I’ve really been picking up the slack regarding the family duties. Actually, I’m pretty much doing everything from dropping off the kids (at two different schools, 20 miles apart, no less), working all day, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, getting my wife’s food and meds and pretty much collapsing by the end of the night after putting the kids to sleep.

Nevertheless I trudge along, blindly ignoring the fact that I still don’t have someone secured to help with my wife next week. She’s not bed-ridden, but lifting anything more than a phone has been outlawed by her neurosurgeon. And since things always come in bunches, of course I have a three day research diving (SCUBA) expedition Monday through Wednesday, spending each night on our anchored research vessel. I’ll be home for one short evening before loading my car and heading down I-5 to the land of great traffic.

So, I’ve been reading many blog articles about Blizzcon. Apparently they are full of nerds who stink, is that right? I admit, this will be a bit strange going solo down there, and I wonder if I’ll stick out like a sore gaming thumb if I actually bathe (which of course I do twice a day…not quite Orel Hershiser-like). I have my comfy sneakers, water bottle, podcasting equipment, clothing, backpack, jackets, camera, and my handy Blizzcon iPhone app to keep me focused on what panels I will attend or drop at the last second.

Now, I’m a very social guy, but I detest crowds and lines. Unfortunately, I’ll have to get over it because clearly most of Blizzcon is actually “Linecon.” Suppose I should remember those earbuds as well….brb.

Speaking of earbuds, I’ll be running around trying to grab interviews from various Blizzard employees, players, guildies, even homeless people on the street. Hey, that’s all I may get. Look for small segments and recaps of the convention’s festivities next Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I am looking very much forward to this. No kids, just geeks and people I’ve only met over the internet or in the virtual world.

I can’t wait!



How to Efficiently Spend Your Valor Points

19 Sep

Like my boots? Oh right, I'm a tauren.


So you’ve been stacking your valor points and you can’t quite decide on what item to buy next. Is it the tier gloves, oh but wait, you don’t yet want to break your Tier 11 4 piece bonus. Or how about that trinket? But, it’s only 13 item levels above your current one.

If you’re having trouble prioritizing your loot, try and break it down into compartments and follow some general guidelines to make your purchases more efficient while having the best upgrade possible.

An easy first cut is to look at which item gives the biggest boost to your most important stat (strength, intellect, agility). If it’s close, look at your secondary stat increase. You can also go with the gear with the largest item level increase.

If you want a brainless approach, using a gear optimizer such as askmrrobot.com allows you to review how good each upgrade is in terms of a relative weighted point system. If the trinket boosts your points by 75, but the ring only by 30, well, go with the trinket. It also considers breaking and making tier set bonuses and procs.

Finally, in most cases, I would recommend leaving the tier 12 hands and legs for your last valor purchases if you do baradin hold every week, as these items drop off Occu’thar. It’s happened to all of us, you have just purchased the tier gloves, and they drop 2 days later.

And remember, it’s hard to balance the pew pew with the poo poo.


You’ve Lost That Loving Feelin’

8 Sep


I know work or school is draining, your kids and spouse are barking behind you every day, and you just dropped that delicious chocolate cake you were looking forward to munching, icing side down of course. So, after you put the kids to bed and turn on some horrible reality TV show for your wife, it’s time to…power UP that computer, plug IN that headset, and LOG ON for a little WoW time, one on one baby, oh yeah!

…but wait, it’s not there for you, you don’t feel it, the chemistry is…is…dare I say it…gone?

If you’re a little burned out, or just not feeling it when you log on, maybe you’re in a rut and need a change of scenery in Azeroth.

Change it up, stop doing those mind-numbing dailies and try some random PVP, perhaps experiment tanking with that alt that’s been collecting dust. Roll an alt with the other faction, dual box, tinker with addons, try to make some money in the auction house, work on a pet or mount collection, role play, anything that you don’t normally do in game brings about a fresh perspective and new challenges in this virtual world, which will just keep you coming back for more.

But, if none of this does it for you…well my friend, it’s time to take a break and find another hobby, because if you don’t enjoy your hobby, it’s work.

And remember, it’s hard to balance the pew pew with the poo poo.

You can hear this segment from the stream above, or listen to “The Instance: #243: Do The Humans First ” on iTunes or at http://www.theinstance.net/