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Episode #49: Cooling Down Professionally

28 Feb

Success in WoW = success in life. Ok, maybe not.

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As Mists of Pandaria gets a little long in the tooth, it could be time to focus on small side projects that maybe slipped by the wayside as you were raiding or leveling up. Even though I’m still leveling an army of alts, I’m more focused on my professions and now I make sure that I use every cooldown every day. These cooldowns help me not only make money, but also mounts, vanity items, and high level equipment for my alts. For example, I’m creating Jard’s Peculiar Energy source every day on my Engineer, and I’m only about 10 days away from the Sky Golem mount. I also use my blacksmith to create a balanced trillium ignot so that I can eventually make and either sell or use a 553 ilevel plate armor. My scribe dutifully makes a scroll of wisdom every day, my alchemist formulates living steel for my sky golem mount and belt buckles, and my warlock tailor creates celestial cloth for ilevel 553 armor. I usually buy all my mats on the auction house as time is more valuable to me. Besides, what I make a sell exceeds the cost of the mats, so it’s a win-win.

If professions aren’t your thing, why not try some old-world raids, grab a rare mount or pet, or farm transmog gear for your metro blood elf. Or perhaps, you can simply dance your scantily clad orc on the mailbox for tips. I’M TOO SEXY FOR THIS MAILBOX…..SO SEXY IT HURTS!




Mini-cast #2 posted on “The Instance”

23 May

Mini-cast #2 was included in Episode #230 of “The Instance.” You can find that episode’s show notes and link to the podcast at www.theinstance.net.


In this segment, I briefly talk about how you can make significant amounts of gold in very little time. Just be efficient about it. If you have several professions at or near max, research which item(s) do best on your server and concentrate on those. I have quite a few maxed out professions, so I can zip through several toons every day to make guaranteed gold. I do the following with my professions:

Alchemist: Transmute volatile life to air (about a 100-200% profit margin) every day

Jewelcrafter: Complete the daily (not the elemental goo one!), buy a few stacks of ore for prospecting, cut profitable gems, create rings, chokers, and carnelian spikes and send to my enchanter

Enchanter: DE all green/blue gear sent to him from my alts (including JC crafted items), enchant scrolls with profitable enchants, enchant alts gear

Blacksmith: craft ebonsteel belt buckles, occasional crafting of pvp gear, craft gear for alts

Tailor: make bags if the cloth is cheap enough, craft gear for alts

I send all sellable items to my bank mule and reap the profits. It really doesn’t take that much time. There’s so much more gold I could make, but I just don’t have the time.

However, if you don’t have max level professions, and you are a casual leveler….DON’T BUY ANY GEAR OFF THE AUCTION HOUSE…EVAR! The gear you obtain through questing and dungeon drops is great. Sure, you may have a gap or two to fill, but it won’t be a significant detriment. All of those 5, 10 and 20 gold items that you purchase to last you 3 levels adds up quickly…so don’t do it.

As you quest, be sure to vendor all grey items and try and sell all white/green/blue items on the auction house. Also, your daily cooking and fishing quests are quick and profitable, and the items you fish/create with those two professions can sell quite well. Additionally, make sure you do the holiday quests for the gold rewards.

Next week, I’ll be talking about some of the tools you can use to make all of this more efficient and profitable. Time is money, afterall!

Stay epic, my friends!


Making Gold With Minimal Time

26 Jan

From ehow.com

Gosh darn it’s hard to get back to posting on this blog! It’s been tough with the family commitments over the holidays, and ramping back into school with the kindergartner. However, I have been able to maximize my minimal playing time with the obsidium/elementium shuffle and Transmute: living elements. These process is widely available on the internethers, but results will vary based on your server, time you log on, and when you purchase and sell on the auction house.


Seriously, I have been making boatloads of gold with these two quick processes. Now, not gold-capped type of gold; I only have about 15-20 minutes a day to do this, so there are MANY markets that I am not taking advantage of.  First of all, these are the tools I have at my disposal: auctioneer, auctionator, and the mobile AH (yes, it’s $2.99/mo). That’s it. Obviously you don’t NEED these tools, but they help me automate a little bit more of the process and to take advantage of opportunistic times to buy and sell.


Step 1: Buy elementium or obsidium ore…lots of it! Servers will vary, but I can reliably buy dozens of stacks at 80G or less. Sometimes it actually dips down to less than 60G/stack like it did last weekend…boy did I lap it up. See, you’ll never have to worry about losing money on it if stacks are around 60G or less because of the vendored value of cut uncommon gems. Each stack will prospect to an average of 6 uncommon gems. These uncommons, if cut, can be vendored at 9G x 6 = 54 G. So, this is the theoretical market price floor of the ore. God forbid, if you EVER see it cheaper than 54G/stack, you have some idiots on your server.

Step 2: Prospect, prospect, prospect!!!

Step 3: Do your market research to determine how best to craft and sell your wares. If can maximize your profit if you have access to an enchanter. I have an alt enchanter that I mail mats to DE. Anyway, this is how I process my gems to maximize profit:


  • carnelians – I craft into Carnelian Spikes and DE with an alt. I’ve been getting an average of 2 Greater Celestial Essences per weapon, plus some lessers and Hypnotic Dust. The GCEs sell for 40-50G on my server, thus each weapon’s DE value is 80-100G, not including the additional mats I mentioned. This is also a value I use to watch for purchasing Carnelians. Since it takes 3 of these to craft the spikes, I’ll purchase the carnelians outright if they are <20G each, since the production cost will be <60G; it’s just sweet icing on top!
  • jaspers – I used to make Jasper rings and DE them, but dusts are down to 7G and less on my server, so now I’ve been holding onto my jaspers, and selling them in stacks of 3 when the JC daily comes up. I can usually sell them for about 20G each, as opposed to the DE value of around 12G.
  • hessonites – sell in stacks of 3 when the daily comes up. The JC ring requires 2 of these, so DE isn’t as profitable on my server as just selling the raws
  • alicites – the raws are down to 10G each, so I do craft the necklace that requires 2 gems, DE the greens, and try and sell the blues for which I usually get 50-100G
  • zephyrites – sell in stacks of 3 when the daily comes up.
  • nightstones – probably the highest valued raw uncommon on my server. I sell these in stacks of 3 when the JC daily comes up, and I routinely sell them at 50G per gem!
  • Fire Prism: This is NOT profitable, but I did create 3 of these just to level my JC to 525. It takes 3 of each of 6 uncommons, and usually only produces 2-3 rare gems.
  • Shadowspirit Diamonds: Although it is most profitable for me to do the above, I do have an alchemist, so I occasionally transmute my uncommon gems into 2 Shadowspirit Diamonds to either sell raw (can be over 200G each!) or to cut into one of 2 current meta gem patterns I have. My alchemist is transmute-specced, but I have yet to see a proc of more than 2 diamonds. The Ember and Chaotic sell for around the same 200G, although not as regularly as the raw diamond itself.
  • Enchants: One enchant is selling very well: Enchant Chest – Mighty Stats. It requires 2 lesser celestial essences and typically sells for 70-100G. However, this enchant cannot be flooded onto the market, so I can’t make a ton of them. I make several at a time and reap the profits.

Rare gems – I typically just horde these and cut 3 of each color for the patterns I have already. I get about 100G per Bold Inferno that I cut, but all other patterns bring in around 30G per..not very lucrative, but money nonetheless.

This process above can take me 15-20 minutes per day. If I had more time, I would just be making more money!

As I mentioned, I do have an alchemist. I have parked her level 80 booty at the Ramkahen Inn in Uldum, and now that there is a mailbox there, it makes it so easy to do this. I simply purchase Volatile Life with this toon on my iPhone mobile AH (when I’m at work, or just out), and when I’m home, I simply log on, retrieve the Volatile Life, transmute it to Volatile Air (being present in Uldum forces this specific product), and log off. I later sell the air from the mobile AH. All in all, I purchase 15 lifes for an average of 150G, and sell 15 airs for an average of 450G, which is a 300G per day profit for about 2 minutes of “work.” It’s definitely my best gold/min strat, but because of the CD, is limited to once a day. However, I’ve been doing this for about a month now, and it adds up. That’s 30 days x 300G = 9000G without even trying.

Crap, I just wasted some gold-making time…back at it!


Make money in minutes

18 Jun

I’ve been playing WoW since October 2006, so I’m approaching 4 years played now. In that time I have gotten 4 toons to 80, 2 are in their 70s, and a 61. I suppose I’m a bit of an altoholic, and it’s hard to focus on one goal on any given day. That said, I’ve tried to become more re-focused lately…what do I want to do in game?

I thought, as Cataclysm approaches, I want to stockpile gold. I have no aspirations to get “gold-capped,” but 100k would be nice entering the new expansion. How to do that? I cruise gold making sites such as Just My Two Copper and others for ideas, but at times, their strategies are clearly being employed by other readers, or I have incredibly bad luck. I figured I would start by getting some professions maxed. In the past several months I have leveled tailoring, jewelcrafting, and most recently, alchemy to 450. That is in addition to several max level skinners, an herbalist, miner and blacksmith. I have yet to max out inscription, leatherworking, and engineering.

Now that I have some decent money-making professions, it’s time to talk about how I use them to make money in my very short windows of playtime. I raid twice a week for 3 hours each night. That alone is a lot to ask of my wife, but I do raid after the kids have gone to bed. The other 5 days of the week I try and hop on just for 20 minutes a day (I never make it on all 5 days, btw) and do the things that will make me the most money per minute.

Transmute – quickest 100+g you can make: I focus on the money making cooldowns first. Primarily, I do my daily alchemy transmute (blue to epic gem) because that’s an easy 100-130 gold per day for 2 minutes of work. That beats dailies any time. If I have the mats on hand, I also transmute meta gems. I then ship those gems to my JC and cut them to whatever I think will be most profitable. Any additional time goes to my JC daily to earn my daily token. These tokens will eventually buy patterns that in turn, will eventually enable me to diversify what I can cut. I usually also make an icy prism with that daily cooldown as well.

The Saronite Shuffle: If I’m really fortunate and have a few more minutes to spare (wife is doing something for 10 minutes), I can hop on my bank alt and run a quick Auctioneer scan and also purchase as much saronite ore as I can, usually if it’s under 20 gold a stack. I then mail most of the ore to my JC to prospect for green and blue gems used to cut, craft rings (Sun Rock ring), vendor, or send to my alchemist for the aforementioned transmutes. I also send some saronite to my blacksmith for smelting into bars, then back to my alchemist for transmutation into titanium bars. However, my server’s economy doesn’t really make this profitable in mats alone, only if I use the titanium in special patterns that may or may not sell, so it’s a bit more risky and unknown.

It’s in the Bag: I will also buy cheap netherweave cloth and send them to my tailor to make netherweave bags. Lately, frostweave bags are not profitable, so I focus on the BC bags.

Make Money Actually Playing the Game: It’s important to not get too focused on the economy and forget to play the game. It varies, but some weeks I can squeeze in a Wintergrasp battle on all 4 80s. My server is dominated by Horde, and we win 9/10 times, which is nice for the honor and stonekeeper shards. Not only is WG fun for me, but I will typically get around 20,000 honor for each toon for just 25 minutes of PvP. Plus, the stone keeper shards add up and 150 of them can be turned in for another 10,000 honor. I then use the honor to purchase epic gems to be cut by my JC. If I can turn in around 10-11 gems a week, that’s more than 1,500 gold for playing 4-6 Wintergrasp sessions per week, or about 2-3 hours of playtime. That converts to 500 gold or more per hour, which rivals many other money-making endeavors in the game.

As my professions have been used a bit more lately, my random dungeon participation has abated quite a bit. As of a couple months ago, I was routinely running 2-4 toons through my random daily to get my frost badges, plus an occasional weekly, if I could find the time. I was using the frost badges to buy primordial saronite and then sell it on the AH. I was maxing out around 1,500 gold, but it’s been steadily decreasing in value for months now. On my server, it’s now around 800-900 gold. As far as money per hour, it’s not very good, but alas, you are looting gold, DE mats, BOE chances, frozen orbs, cloth and other supplies, and of course, emblems of triumph, which can be used to upgrade your toon, buy gems, or converted to emblems of valor for bracers or other BoEs that can sell.

Anything else is Auctioneer-based in terms of my resale and vendor searches. I have a lot more to learn about this and other addons that can really make your money-making endeavors more efficient, but that’s for another post.