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Episode 46: Leveling Your “Alts”

8 Jan

My kids haven’t quite approached this level yet

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My daughter is now 8 years old, and although she’s been exposed a little to World of Warcraft, I’m now allowing her to dive in deep. She has a level 8 pandaren hunter, but wanted to start a blood elf mage to “mix it up.” Now, Earthen Ring is full of my characters, so I put her on another server, but as she was picking her blood elf hair color and earrings, it struck me that Blizzard now allows cross-realm mail for account-bound items! We shrieked in joy when I told her that I could give her very powerful gear that she wouldn’t need to replace until level 80 or 85! I then sent her all of the cloth heirloom items, two trinkets, and a staff. Even as a true noob, she was one-shotting trees, undead, and lion cubs near Falconwing Square. She also has a 55% boost to her leveling experience. So, if YOU have a kid’s alt or an alt of your own on another realm, don’t forget to send across those heirlooms, but sorry, you can’t send gold.

Hey, my wife and I have been hosting a parenting podcast, called Kids are Hard, for about 3 years, and after a haitus for the last few months, we’re back with a new episode and will have new ones every 2 weeks. So, if you’re a parent, or you want good birth control if you’re not, head on over to kidsarehard.wordpress.com to find our podcasts and shownotes, and follow us on twitter and facebook @kidsarehard.

You can also follow me @epicdiapers and epicdiapers.com!

Remember, you can also hear my segments on The Instance, Rawrcast, The AIE Podcast and Convert to Raid.



Episode 23: “That Kid Can Farm!”

2 Apr

"Mom, how much longer do we have to farm?"

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In a special April Fool’s “Switcharoo” segment, Alludra the Mage takes over Epic Diapers to make your gaming more efficient, well, actually, profitable as a parent. She discusses her exploitation, er, I mean, involvement with her sons in getting them excited about playing World of Warcraft!

Yes, having children isn’t always a money drain, well, virtually speaking, anyway.

You can also listen to MY takeover of “Alludra’s Pets” segment over on her site. It’s #34, “Ghoulies”. You can also stream that segment below:

Four other regular “The Instance” podcast segment producers also swapped segments in an effort spearheaded and organized by Alludra herself.

You can listen to all 6 segments sequentially in the episode #270 of “The Instance” here.

Big props to Alludra for this wonderful idea! I had a blast dipping my toes into the pet world, coming up with a segment that I don’t know much about.


Vlog #2: My daughter is a ham, and go 49ers!

22 Jan

Vlog #2…my daughter loves this stuff

Vlog #1: Sick Kid

9 Jan

I was half-way to work today when I got the call that my son was sick. There goes the day. Had to cancel everything and pick him up. So, I tried to make something productive out of it. Here’s the quick and dirty result: a horribly produced and on they fly vlog short.



Roastin’ Turkeys!

17 Nov

Where are those giblets?

Audio Stream

Yep, it’s that time of year again, Pilgrim’s Bounty is back for a short 7 days, November 21 through the 27th.

What I try and do with this segment is make your WoWing more efficient, and holidays are always a great way to advance some part of your character’s progression in some way. I personally don’t care about holiday achievements, but if you want to quickly level cooking on a toon or three, time to tie on that apron and grab a glass of sherry!

You can level your cooking from 1 to over 330 in less than an hour. First, go to Stormwind or Undercity and pick up your Bountiful Cookbook, which contains all the recipes you’ll need. Start by making Spice Bread and Spice Bread stuffing to skill 100. Next, make pumpkin pies to 160. Get over the Orgrimmar/Ironforge and make Tangy Wetland Cranberries to 220. Fly on over to Thunder Bluff/Darnassus and make Candied Sweet Potatoes to 280. Finally, go hunt wild turkeys and make slow roasted turkeys to 420 330! (420 wasn’t discovered until after the holiday launched, thanks for catching this!) Don’t forget to train your cooking as you level!

You can follow me @epicdiapers and follow my blog and hear all of my segments at epicdiapers.com.

And remember, it’s hard to balance the pew pew with the poo poo.


An Interview With Scott Johnson & Turpster

4 Nov

Scott and Turpster recording "The Instance." Those are my mics!!! squeee

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Blizzcon was fantastic! Three nights without children bring a certain sense of wonder and excitement…and a little funny tickle in the nether region for a 37 year old man. Yes, getting out of the house without any responsibilities but to that of my liver and what I put into it was liberating.

The convention itself was unlike anything else I’ve experienced. Nerd-dom for sure. I did smell quite a bit of BO, but the AC seemed to whisk most of it away. Many of you may have seen my pics from Blizzcon. If not, head on over to my new Facebook page and check it out. (You can “like” my page while you’re there!).

Geeking out about scuba diving with Ghostrcrawler

Me and Mike Morheim

With a few libations in me, I even geeked out about marine science with Ghostcrawler (yep, I’m a marine biologist) and met Mike Morheim. They both have more money than me, fact.

Oh, and AIE had a guild hall that was nothing short of fantastic. Many props (not propositions) to Belthaz and others that set it up and made it work. While hanging out there, I set up my audio equipment for a possible AIE recording (which didn’t happen), but it served as a backup to Scott Johnson’s own equipment. Since I had a full copy of the recording of him and Turpster doing a live show there (ep #249), I had a little fun with my own interview, posted above. It also was included in the latest Instance, episode #251. Let’s just say they got some dirt on Blizzard’s next “augmentation” of WoW characters.

Hafrot and Stompalina recording "Rawrcast" in the AIE guild hall

I also invited the Rawrcast crew over to the guild hall and we recorded an episode at the very same table…with a few more cuss words and booze. You can check out that Blizzcon Drunkfest, Stompalina, Hafrot, Pignasty and their crew are freakin’ loose and hilarious. I had a blast!


How to Efficiently Spend Your Valor Points

19 Sep

Like my boots? Oh right, I'm a tauren.


So you’ve been stacking your valor points and you can’t quite decide on what item to buy next. Is it the tier gloves, oh but wait, you don’t yet want to break your Tier 11 4 piece bonus. Or how about that trinket? But, it’s only 13 item levels above your current one.

If you’re having trouble prioritizing your loot, try and break it down into compartments and follow some general guidelines to make your purchases more efficient while having the best upgrade possible.

An easy first cut is to look at which item gives the biggest boost to your most important stat (strength, intellect, agility). If it’s close, look at your secondary stat increase. You can also go with the gear with the largest item level increase.

If you want a brainless approach, using a gear optimizer such as askmrrobot.com allows you to review how good each upgrade is in terms of a relative weighted point system. If the trinket boosts your points by 75, but the ring only by 30, well, go with the trinket. It also considers breaking and making tier set bonuses and procs.

Finally, in most cases, I would recommend leaving the tier 12 hands and legs for your last valor purchases if you do baradin hold every week, as these items drop off Occu’thar. It’s happened to all of us, you have just purchased the tier gloves, and they drop 2 days later.

And remember, it’s hard to balance the pew pew with the poo poo.