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I Got Sooooo High at Nerdtacular….dude…..

12 Jul


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I’m BAACK from Nerdtacular 2013, and boy is my liver tired!

No, seriously, I had a fantastic time at Nerdtacular and just wanted to take the time to thank Scott Johnson, his family and friends, the community of amazing people, and the producers and others that took the time to answer questions about their success and methods including the Spagnolas (Nicole and Mark), Justin Robert Young, Starman, Turpster, Adam from Mac Cast and others.

I also want to give a shot out to my raid team, Noogie Nights, specifically Abovan, Alludra, Jestaur, I miss you all and hope to be back raiding in the fall!

Also, many of the community members that I met were freakin’ incredible, including Quoted Nevermore who made the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place necklaces for the pool tourney that Dills and I threw, also wanted to mention party people such as Bloody Lock, Ghomus, Voranek, Samantha Jane and the “Shotski,” Jocelyn (aka @GISgamer) and her husband Joel, Johnny Feisty, Stupid Genius, Miss Mulgra, Pelell, Moohogan, and many others.

The “Shotski” at Nerdtacular 2013

I hope I can come back to Nerdtacular next year, and if it’s at Snowbird I might even bring the family, but I have a renewed sense of community and a new spark to keep this and all podcasting work I do going. In fact, don’t forget to check out my parenting podcast called Kids are Hard, or my SF Giants podcast that I cohost with Dills called TortureCast. And man, are they playing like poo right now.

Hit me up in game or on Twitter!


Nerdtacular ballroom

Recording the AIE Podcast in Ghomus’ room

Me and whiskey getting ready for night #2 at Nerdtacular


Nerdtacular, here I come! (don’t tell my wife)

2 Jul

Daaamn. Is it really this week?

I can’t believe Nerdtacular is this week! As I type this quickly at work so as to avoid punishment in the form of purchasing drinks for our IT guy, I’ll be packing tomorrow and leaving on the fourth of July and spending the weekend with like-minded people from the Frogpants community. Although I don’t really listen to other FP shows, nor do I have any clue of what the “tad pool” is, I enjoyed 2012 so immensely that I convinced my wife that I should go again.

I’ll eventually get around to posting my audio segment with the creepy panda kids talking to me as I pack, but in the meantime, you can hear it at the end of the latest “Instance” and “AIE Podcast.”

FYI, you can also hear the “AIE Raid Wrapup” that I produce at the end of the AIE Podcast as well. Oh wait, they didn’t record last week. NEWMAN!!!

Tweet me @epicdiapers if you wanna hook up for a drink this weekend. See ya in Utah!


Nerd Rage!!!!!

15 May

FIX YOUR D3 SEVERS DIABLO!! (btw, IRL I only have one chin, I’m healthy)

I’m not one to nerd rage, I have too many things that I care about in my life to get upset about a video game (great job, a wife, 2 wonderful kids, baseball, etc.).


Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest, I can go onto wishing how and when I’ll be able to actually play this infernal game.

On another front, I recently put out a call to the community to submit justifications that I could use on my wife for attending Nerdtacular. Well, I’ll notify the winner soon, and although their particular “justification” wasn’t what worked, I still owe them game time. However, I was able to negotiate a trip out to Utah, given that I DRIVE from the Bay Area (CA) to save on gas. One way to cut on gas money is to carpool, so I’ll be cruising out in June with Dills to play some golf, nerd out, and watch “Brave” on the final day.

I’m a happy nerd.

And, go Giants!