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Drop it Like it’s Relevant

15 Nov

Aw man, none of us wear this gear!

I’ve often wondered if Blizzard would ever implement a more targeted loot system in raids and dungeons. How many times have you been in a group when holy pally gear drops…and there’s not even a paladin in the group? Similar to that, we’ve had quite a streak of “Paladin, Priest, Warlock” tier gear dropping in Firelands. Although we do have a priest and a pally (no lock) in our raid, the gear has dropped so many times, they have both their main and offspec pieces already, while the DK token (me) has not dropped even once. We are sharding quite a few pieces in Firelands, yet our group still has a few gear spots to fill.

If I were grand poo-bah of Blizzard, I would consider implementing a system that would drop random loot, but only draw from a pool of loot that is relevant to not only the class composition, but spec as well. Let’s say you have an elemental shaman in the group, but no hunter. Well, this new system would drop intellect mail, but not agility mail. Ok, ok, of course some of you would prefer to have offspec pieces drop as well, so as a compromise, I suppose I would just restrict it to class so that would drop…sheesh. At least this would stop holy pally gear from dropping because I mean, who wears intellect plate?!

Share your stories of loot irrelevance.



Best PVE Gear for Toons that Don’t Raid

12 Aug

You can still have chocolate cake if you don't raid!


So, you’re level 85 and can’t raid, or you want to gear up an alt. you may not get the best gear in the game, but you can do pretty well without ever killing a boss in the Firelands, Here’s a quick guide on the best PVE gear you can get without raiding.

First, grab your 365 cloak from the Elemental Bonds quests, open to all level 85s. Next, head for the Molten Front. Upon completing all of the quests, most classes can get 365 gear for their neck, hands, wrist, waist, feet, rings, trinkets and relics, and blacksmithing patterns for weapons.

For level 378 gear, do your daily random heroics, as valor points can get you your neck, wrist, ring, relics, and your tier 12 chest, hands and legs. Don’t forget your weekly Occu’thar kill in Baradin hold for a chance at a 378 PVE piece or PVP 384 piece to drop.

Try and join a PUG to kill Firelands trash, and you can not only grind up rep with the Avegners of Hyjal to get a 378 cloak and belt, but you may also get lucky with a neck, wrist, waist, ring, or weapon drop.

If you’re rich, hit up the auction house for BoE 378s. Ask guildies if they have any 378 hand or boot patterns they’d be willing to craft for you…but make sure you pay them well.

In a nutshell, you can get item level 365 or 378 PVE gear for every slot except for your head and shoulders. If you have less than 359 gear here, just spend honor points for 371 PVP gear, which will be better in most cases.

You can find a more detailed spreadsheet of your options here.

And remember, it’s hard to balance the pew pew with the poo poo.



RAF Update!

22 Jul

Hey all! Hope you got to hear my last segment on “The Instance” about the Firelands dailies! Unfortunately life has gotten in the way of producing a segment for today’s show. My daughter’s at camp, I’ve been diving a lot, and I was honored to be selected to play in my baseball league’s all-star game a couple nights ago (not bad for a 37 yr old!).

I’m still a few days away from unlocking the Molten Front vendors. I have 10 orbs saved up to immediately craft some 365 gear for me, but since that time, I finally have equipped 359 in every slot. I’m not sure it’s worth expense, or rather, missing out at the potential income of crafting and SELLING the 365 gear…especially the weapons. Could be a quick 20-30k or more. Not much to gain for 6 item levels in my own gear.

I haven’t had much time to dungeon (nor desire), but I have hopped back on my Warrior/Priest dual boxing RAF team. They hit 40 last night, and they are at 13 hours played. That also includes a couple of hours just tweaking my ISboxer settings. Last night was smooth grinding. Just skipped the collection quests, focused on the kill/target quests, and I went from 30-40 in 2.5 hours last night. And remember, that’s for 2 toons, not 1, and I’ll be able to grant 40 levels to another level 40 character once these hit 80. Both toons are guilded, so that’s a 10% mount speed increase and another 10% leveling speed boost, on top of all the heirloom gear and RAF boosting. Typically 3-4 quests completed equate to a full level. It’s almost unfair.

Off to 1k Needles and Tanaris for another quick 10 levels….

EDIT: I posted this one hour ago. Since then I’ve gained 4 levels on both toons…sheesh….