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Roastin’ Turkeys!

17 Nov

Where are those giblets?

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Yep, it’s that time of year again, Pilgrim’s Bounty is back for a short 7 days, November 21 through the 27th.

What I try and do with this segment is make your WoWing more efficient, and holidays are always a great way to advance some part of your character’s progression in some way. I personally don’t care about holiday achievements, but if you want to quickly level cooking on a toon or three, time to tie on that apron and grab a glass of sherry!

You can level your cooking from 1 to over 330 in less than an hour. First, go to Stormwind or Undercity and pick up your Bountiful Cookbook, which contains all the recipes you’ll need. Start by making Spice Bread and Spice Bread stuffing to skill 100. Next, make pumpkin pies to 160. Get over the Orgrimmar/Ironforge and make Tangy Wetland Cranberries to 220. Fly on over to Thunder Bluff/Darnassus and make Candied Sweet Potatoes to 280. Finally, go hunt wild turkeys and make slow roasted turkeys to 420 330! (420 wasn’t discovered until after the holiday launched, thanks for catching this!) Don’t forget to train your cooking as you level!

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And remember, it’s hard to balance the pew pew with the poo poo.



Mini-cast #2 posted on “The Instance”

23 May

Mini-cast #2 was included in Episode #230 of “The Instance.” You can find that episode’s show notes and link to the podcast at www.theinstance.net.


In this segment, I briefly talk about how you can make significant amounts of gold in very little time. Just be efficient about it. If you have several professions at or near max, research which item(s) do best on your server and concentrate on those. I have quite a few maxed out professions, so I can zip through several toons every day to make guaranteed gold. I do the following with my professions:

Alchemist: Transmute volatile life to air (about a 100-200% profit margin) every day

Jewelcrafter: Complete the daily (not the elemental goo one!), buy a few stacks of ore for prospecting, cut profitable gems, create rings, chokers, and carnelian spikes and send to my enchanter

Enchanter: DE all green/blue gear sent to him from my alts (including JC crafted items), enchant scrolls with profitable enchants, enchant alts gear

Blacksmith: craft ebonsteel belt buckles, occasional crafting of pvp gear, craft gear for alts

Tailor: make bags if the cloth is cheap enough, craft gear for alts

I send all sellable items to my bank mule and reap the profits. It really doesn’t take that much time. There’s so much more gold I could make, but I just don’t have the time.

However, if you don’t have max level professions, and you are a casual leveler….DON’T BUY ANY GEAR OFF THE AUCTION HOUSE…EVAR! The gear you obtain through questing and dungeon drops is great. Sure, you may have a gap or two to fill, but it won’t be a significant detriment. All of those 5, 10 and 20 gold items that you purchase to last you 3 levels adds up quickly…so don’t do it.

As you quest, be sure to vendor all grey items and try and sell all white/green/blue items on the auction house. Also, your daily cooking and fishing quests are quick and profitable, and the items you fish/create with those two professions can sell quite well. Additionally, make sure you do the holiday quests for the gold rewards.

Next week, I’ll be talking about some of the tools you can use to make all of this more efficient and profitable. Time is money, afterall!

Stay epic, my friends!


Don’t drink too much

22 Sep

This hasn’t been too hard for me lately as I’ve succumbed to the P9oX fad; only it’s not a fad, I love it. 40 days in and I’ve lost 10 pounds, put on decent bulk, and feel fantastic! Of course, doing any vigorous activities for 60-90 minutes, 6 days a week will yield some results, no?

Actually, what I’m talking about is Brewfest baby! It started a couple of days ago, and I’ve been running all 5 of my 80s through it since it dropped. Not only are the queues for DPS under 3-4 minutes, but it’s 2 frost badges, a trinket here or there that my low geared 80s need anyway, and a chance for Coren Direbrew to drop some rare loot like a mount or the Tankard O’Terror, which my rogue happened upon in his loot barrel. Now, my Auctioneer data reported that the weapon is around 2-2.5k in value. I quickly mailed said mug to my bank alt, salivating at the 2k drop, only to look at the board and see about a dozen tankards already up. The lowest price was 109 gold. WTF?! Ok, so maybe getting this weapon isn’t going to be a money maker, but it’s an ilevel 226 weapon, good for rogues and enhancement shamans. I guess it’ll end up with one of them as I level in Cataclysm :(. Besides the drops, each alt gets 20 gold as well. Include that with occasional vendoring of trinkets, and I pull in 100+ gold plus 10 frost badges in about 15-20 minutes. Not bad, not great, but not bad for gold/hr.

That’s about all the time I have on my toons now. In fact, “Call to Auction,” a great podcast about making gold in WoW, answered my email on air in their last episode. I asked how I might take advantage of my maxed professions with the 10 minutes per day I have to spend in the AH. They actually recommended that I drop scanning the AH daily, as I should know what sells. Also, focus on my profession cooldowns, sell what sells for a moderate price, and that’s about it. I was surprised about the AH scans, but the economy of WoW has been a bit upside down lately. Usually, my red cut epic gems would sell between 140 and 160 gold. I’m lucky to sell them for 110 these days. Even raid nights bolds, brights and runed cardinal rubies are going for under 100g. Ouch. With this trend line pointing down, and 4.0.1 dropping any week now, I suppose I need to have a fire sale to get any value out of my 2 dozen gems or so. Better than nothing, anyway.

Midsummer Fire Festival – An Alt’s Dream

29 Jun

Well, we’re about halfway through the WoW holiday, Midsummer Fire Festival, and it’s proven to be a very good holiday to level up and possibly equip your alts. Let’s take a peek on what you can do to add some quick XP, gold, and epic items to your alts armory.

Festival Dailies

First of all, log into all of your alts every day during the holiday and take advantage of some quick xp. You can start in any capital city, just find where the holiday NPCs are hanging around a big campfire. After the first introductory quests, there are two repeatable dailies, “Torch Tossing” and “Torch Catching.” These are fairly easy quests, unless you are a keyboard turner. Google techniques if you are having difficulties. Immediately upon completion of these quests, the daily quests will open up: “More Torch Tossing,” and “More Torch Catching.” They are the same quests except they require more braziers hit and more consecutive torches caught. These two quests can be completed every day for the duration of the holiday. My 78 mage is getting around 25k for each quest, while my 69 druid around 13k per.

There are more dailies that you can unlock, but they require some quest chains that require signficant time. Many people are reporting good gold and xp returns for desecration and honoring of fires. I personally do not have time to drag my alts all around Azeroth, Outland and Northrend, and by the xp/hr reports I’m seeing, I believe it’s more efficient to just run random dungeons and/or use James’ leveling guides. However, if you need exploration xp, are bored, want the holiday achievement, or just want something new to do, by all means, go hit up all the fires.

Lord Ahune

Level 78 alts can use the random dungeon finder to slay Lord Ahune. My 78 mage is loving this daily exercise. Not only is it a bit of nice xp, but I get two frost emblems and a satchel of chilled goods that has the chance of dropping the holiday pet and a nice 2H caster staff. The chest also can drop several varieties of cloak. I already have both caster cloaks. All items are ilevel 232, and once that wretched staff drops for me, that’s two nice pieces that I can immediately equip upon dinging 80! The queue for dps has yet to exceed 5 minutes for me.

Hitting these daily quests takes minutes and will reap nice rewards! Don’t forget to be wearing your xp-boosting heirloom gear, and if you will be out questing and killing mobs, don’t forget to dance on the ribbon pole to obtain that nifty 10% xp bonus! There are valuable buffs that you can obtain as well.