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Episode 33: Death Knight Hate Mail

17 Feb

Death Knight listeners have been burning up after Sihx’s “You Might be a Death Knight” bit

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I reads some hate mail that I received from death knights for my “You Might Be a Death Knight” standup bit from Episode 31.

Also, check out TortureCast.com, a podcast by and for fans of the San Francisco Giants. Last week, we were able to go up to AT&T Park and video tape one on one interviews that we had with players such as Buster Posey, Tim Lincecum, Sergio Romo and manager Bruce Bochy.



Episode 32: DON’T Upgrade Your Gear (not with valor points, anyway)

25 Jan


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Upgrade vendors are going away with patch 5.2, and many players think that you should upgrade your gear before the patch hits. This sounds reasonable at first, but I took a deeper look into the numbers and the efficiency of this strategy, and with an exception, I believe you should NOT upgrade your gear.

Ok, nerd-alert!

It costs 750 valor points for a 4 item level upgrade, which equals the benchmark value of 187.5 valor points per item level. This is not a good exchange rate compared to most of the vendor gear you can purchase. I recommend you rep up with Operation Shieldwall or Dominance Offensive to get ilevel 496 gear for 4 different slots: a ring, trinket, waist and feet. Even at this rate (before patch 5.2), it would take amassing 6,500 valor points to purchase these 4 items, which would take you no less than 7 weeks with the 1,000 VP/week cap. Obviously, there are some exceptions to this advice: 1) if you have a best-in-slot piece that you are confident that you won’t be replacing for 6+ months, then you may want to upgrade. 2) If you have capped at 3,000 valor points and don’t have the rep anywhere to purchase gear, then you may want to burn 750 to bump your best piece 4 item levels (but sheesh, get going on some rep!!). 3) If you refuse to do ANY dailies, well then, yes, upgrade your gear I suppose, but it better be 476 or higher from LFR and regular raiding (You can upgrade blue gear with justice points).

All of my spreadsheet magic can be found here:

Bottom line: The math says that until you have only item level 483 equipment or higher left to replace, replace it with vendor reputation gear, UNLESS you have a best in slot item that you know that you won’t replace in the next 6 months. Additionally, in patch 5.2, 5.0 vendor gear, which is ilevel 489, will cost 50% less, and 5.1 gear will cost 25% less. Knowing this, you may only want to spend valor points when you reach the 3,000 VP cap and use whatever you save to immediately purchase discounted gear once 5.2 drops.



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Episode 31: You Might be a Death Knight

11 Jan

Mullet POWAH!

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After a busy holiday season, I’m back producing audio segments. In this installment, I take a left and right, and left turn again, to produce a 90 second stand up segment honoring Jeff Foxworthy and the bad rap that Death Knights get in the World of Warcraft.



12/3 Hotfixes: Valor Points Increased….barely!!!!

4 Dec

The increase from 25 to 40 valor points per raid boss is a mere drop in the bucket of the weekly cap

I’ve been actively raiding with my team (Noogie Nights, represent!) and we’re currently 4/6 in MV 10 normal. However, in my inebriated state last week, I realized that we were only receiving 25 valor points PER RAID BOSS! I honestly thought this was a joke that escaped me. Well, the value did escape me like my two year old’s wet diaper. Quite honestly I was floored that a RAID BOSS gave as much valor as 5 dailies. And, I’m sure we’re all sick of dailies at this point. 🙂

Just yesterday, Blizzard implemented some 5.1 hotfixes and now they’ve increased the valor points rewarded per raid boss to a whopping 40. I feel a Dr. Evil “reallllly” coming on while I stroke my hairless cat. 40 points. 40. Let that sink in. 40.

So, I’m someone with limited playing time, and now that I’m back to raiding 6 hours per week, I can’t afford to do my dailies, LFR, dungeons and scenarios like I was before jumping back into raiding. All of those activities were to prepare for raiding. It certainly looks like I’ll never hit the VP weekly cap now, not that I ever did in the first place. Assuming we’re knocking out 6 bosses in a couple of weeks, that would still put me at only 240 VP. I ain’t got the time to supplement the remaining 760, outside of a few dailies.

I suppose though, that the devil’s advocate would purport that I have the chance to obtain 489 epics through raiding INSTEAD of gaining valor points for the purpose of obtaining gear, and there is some validity to the point, but I don’t believe it as far as some at Blizzard that have stated it’s essentially double-dipping. This was the argument for eliminating championing factions with tabards in heroic dungeons. In fact, I hit the loot jackpot last week, receiving 3 plate dps items (I’m a frost DK), and 1 set of tanking boots in 4 bosses. Yes, I got a drop a boss, so I’ll stop bitching for a while about my lack of gear, but that’s beside the point to the philosophical argument I present to you today :).

What are your thoughts on the meager increase in valor points, and the general challenges of capping valor AND reputation every week?

Oh, and by the way, I had taken a few months off to take care of family matters, but I’m ramping up my recording schedule, including the AIE Raid Wrapup.


Episode 29: Valley of the Four “Winds”

1 Oct

Sihx finds himself entering the Valley of the Four “Winds”

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Sihx finds himself getting out of the Jade Forest and venturing into his next zone in Pandaria.

He gets a “whiff” of what the Pandaren are cooking.


3rd 85….and cheating the heroic system

12 May

Good umpires aren't noticed...just like good players in heroics....

I dinged my 3rd 85 last week…a belf paladin. The thing is, I wanted to get him into heroics right away, as both my main and 2nd 85 (a mage) were able to do so with a little, well, um, going around the true spirit of the game, if you will.

The normal process for gearing up is through questing in Twilight Highlands, normal dungeons, and Justice Point vendor items. Quite frankly, I don’t have the time for that. If I’m going to run an instance, I don’t want 333 pieces (or even 316). I want my 346s right away. Also, with many PUGs now outgearing the content (at least comparatively to launch), and with more players knowing the encounters, I don’t quite feel as bad for inflating my gear score in a slightly unethical, but allowed way: purchased PVP gear! That’s right, most of the bloody/ornate blue PVP gear is cheap, and at ilevel 339, it’s perfect for buying a few pieces and raising your gear score to the minimum 329.

What’s the downside here? I mean, I get into heroics right away, which means a chance at 346 drops (and with a pally, it’s plate dps, tank, AND healer gear) and faster accrual of justice points. To be clear, I currently only queue as DPS as I clearly don’t have the gear to tank or heal heroics yet. Also, some of my equipped items are actually around 312-318 ilevel, as some of those pieces are of course, better than the 339 pvp healer gear that “counts” for a slot or two. Remember, they only need to be in your bag, you don’t actually have to equip them…believe me, I just tested this. Once I picked up a new 339 piece from my mail box, I would instantly watch my gearscore tick up. I’ve also purchased a couple of cheap 333/346 PVE blues off of the auction house. What’s the downside/risk to this? Well, my dps flat plain sucks at the moment. I’m used to 14k on my main DK, but this ret pally is pulling 5-6k right now. So far, I haven’t received any degrading comments in these heroics…probably because 1) I’m being carried, so my dps isn’t critical, 2) we are finishing the content, and 3) I stay out of the fire and do what I’m supposed to. Basically, I’m like a good umpire: I’m not noticed.

At the end of the day, I am asking the first dozen or so heroics to carry me, but I’m willing to risk the flaming from any group in order to take this shortcut, and eventually save tons of time.

Question is…I’m still not sure if I’m going to main spec holy, prot, or ret yet…so I’m hanging onto my justice points until I have an epiphany.

The first two weeks of farming Cataclysm…how’d it go?

20 Dec

I first told myself that I would focus on making money the first two weeks of the expansion, and although I farmed elementium ore until my eyes bled during the first 12 hours, it took me a good week to sell off the 50 stacks. Regarding my last post, I was a bit premature in declaring the bottoming out of the market forever. Even though prices did hit the JC floor within the first 48 hours, they have risen back up and stabilized around 130-150g/stack. However, prices have been slightly higher during the expansion’s first two weekends, and dipping precipitously on Mon-Wed.  With those lower prices, and that I can be a little ADD in game soemtimes, I ended up leveling my DK main to 85 in lieu of farming more ore. In fact, as of this morning, my realm already has ore at 120g/stack and falling. I may just farm “a little bit” and try and sell closer to the weekend when hopefully, prices will rise back to 140-150g/stack for those still leveling their blacksmithing and engineering. I’m not sure how long that demand will last, but I’m sure prices for ore will be lower in 2 months!

So, how’d the farming go for all of you? What are you farming now? How long do you think this will last?