RAF Update!

22 Jul

Hey all! Hope you got to hear my last segment on “The Instance” about the Firelands dailies! Unfortunately life has gotten in the way of producing a segment for today’s show. My daughter’s at camp, I’ve been diving a lot, and I was honored to be selected to play in my baseball league’s all-star game a couple nights ago (not bad for a 37 yr old!).

I’m still a few days away from unlocking the Molten Front vendors. I have 10 orbs saved up to immediately craft some 365 gear for me, but since that time, I finally have equipped 359 in every slot. I’m not sure it’s worth expense, or rather, missing out at the potential income of crafting and SELLING the 365 gear…especially the weapons. Could be a quick 20-30k or more. Not much to gain for 6 item levels in my own gear.

I haven’t had much time to dungeon (nor desire), but I have hopped back on my Warrior/Priest dual boxing RAF team. They hit 40 last night, and they are at 13 hours played. That also includes a couple of hours just tweaking my ISboxer settings. Last night was smooth grinding. Just skipped the collection quests, focused on the kill/target quests, and I went from 30-40 in 2.5 hours last night. And remember, that’s for 2 toons, not 1, and I’ll be able to grant 40 levels to another level 40 character once these hit 80. Both toons are guilded, so that’s a 10% mount speed increase and another 10% leveling speed boost, on top of all the heirloom gear and RAF boosting. Typically 3-4 quests completed equate to a full level. It’s almost unfair.

Off to 1k Needles and Tanaris for another quick 10 levels….

EDIT: I posted this one hour ago. Since then I’ve gained 4 levels on both toons…sheesh….


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