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Rare BOA Loot for Your Epic Alts

6 Mar

Your alts are sexy, and you know it. Treat them well.

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By now you probably know that there are rare creatures and containers on Pandaria that carry bind on account loot, but did you know how many of these pinatas exist there are and truly how much loot you can gather up for your army of alts? I looked it up, and there are a whopping 28 known creatures and containers, each which can carry a possible list of more than 20 BOA items.

Finding these treasures also counts towards several achievements, if you care. The BoA items are primarily weapons, trinkets and medallions. Some are item level 404, good to use at level 85, but several are ilevel 450 and useable at level 86. These high level weapons will be good to tear through mobs until your alt reaches 90, making the leveling process faster and more enjoyable. My 86 rogue is rocking a 450 and 404 dagger and is always topping the dungeon damage meters.

You will also find vanity items and vendor trash, but all of them add up to be thousands of gold, so even if you don’t always find a rare BoA, it’s cash money. I highly suggest the mods TomTom and Lost Treasures. You MUST use these with your flying 90 to zip around Pandaria, loot a bunch of rare BoAs and then bestow these wonderful gifts upon your alts and write yourself a thank you card.



Episode 32: DON’T Upgrade Your Gear (not with valor points, anyway)

25 Jan


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Upgrade vendors are going away with patch 5.2, and many players think that you should upgrade your gear before the patch hits. This sounds reasonable at first, but I took a deeper look into the numbers and the efficiency of this strategy, and with an exception, I believe you should NOT upgrade your gear.

Ok, nerd-alert!

It costs 750 valor points for a 4 item level upgrade, which equals the benchmark value of 187.5 valor points per item level. This is not a good exchange rate compared to most of the vendor gear you can purchase. I recommend you rep up with Operation Shieldwall or Dominance Offensive to get ilevel 496 gear for 4 different slots: a ring, trinket, waist and feet. Even at this rate (before patch 5.2), it would take amassing 6,500 valor points to purchase these 4 items, which would take you no less than 7 weeks with the 1,000 VP/week cap. Obviously, there are some exceptions to this advice: 1) if you have a best-in-slot piece that you are confident that you won’t be replacing for 6+ months, then you may want to upgrade. 2) If you have capped at 3,000 valor points and don’t have the rep anywhere to purchase gear, then you may want to burn 750 to bump your best piece 4 item levels (but sheesh, get going on some rep!!). 3) If you refuse to do ANY dailies, well then, yes, upgrade your gear I suppose, but it better be 476 or higher from LFR and regular raiding (You can upgrade blue gear with justice points).

All of my spreadsheet magic can be found here:

Bottom line: The math says that until you have only item level 483 equipment or higher left to replace, replace it with vendor reputation gear, UNLESS you have a best in slot item that you know that you won’t replace in the next 6 months. Additionally, in patch 5.2, 5.0 vendor gear, which is ilevel 489, will cost 50% less, and 5.1 gear will cost 25% less. Knowing this, you may only want to spend valor points when you reach the 3,000 VP cap and use whatever you save to immediately purchase discounted gear once 5.2 drops.



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Brewfest Loot Pinata….Gear Those Alts!

29 Sep

It's only my 9th stein of the morning, lad!


Brewfest is back, baby! I know this guide might be a tad late, but all that in game drinking and whacking the loot pinata they call Coren Direbrew over and over has me in a tizzy. If you’re a fresh 85, his loot is a great way to boost your item level, and if you run him enough, you may even see a 365 dagger or mace drop, and if you have a cloverleaf tatooed on your rear end, perhaps you have even received a brewfest kodo or ram!

I took the many, many, many opportunities to run this guy almost every day with 5 toons, and all I got to drop was one tankard o terror. Not that I’m bitter or anything, but that’s besides the point. You altoholics out there need to take advantage and wrap up these last few days of brewfest by running this guy at least once a day for the dagger, mace and mounts, and until your eyes bleed on the last day of the holiday if you haven’t yet received your 365 trinket of your desired flavor.

By the way, I’m going to BLIZZCON BABY. So, hit me up if you’re on the block.

And remember, it’s hard to balance the pew pew with the poo poo.


Don’t drink too much

22 Sep

This hasn’t been too hard for me lately as I’ve succumbed to the P9oX fad; only it’s not a fad, I love it. 40 days in and I’ve lost 10 pounds, put on decent bulk, and feel fantastic! Of course, doing any vigorous activities for 60-90 minutes, 6 days a week will yield some results, no?

Actually, what I’m talking about is Brewfest baby! It started a couple of days ago, and I’ve been running all 5 of my 80s through it since it dropped. Not only are the queues for DPS under 3-4 minutes, but it’s 2 frost badges, a trinket here or there that my low geared 80s need anyway, and a chance for Coren Direbrew to drop some rare loot like a mount or the Tankard O’Terror, which my rogue happened upon in his loot barrel. Now, my Auctioneer data reported that the weapon is around 2-2.5k in value. I quickly mailed said mug to my bank alt, salivating at the 2k drop, only to look at the board and see about a dozen tankards already up. The lowest price was 109 gold. WTF?! Ok, so maybe getting this weapon isn’t going to be a money maker, but it’s an ilevel 226 weapon, good for rogues and enhancement shamans. I guess it’ll end up with one of them as I level in Cataclysm :(. Besides the drops, each alt gets 20 gold as well. Include that with occasional vendoring of trinkets, and I pull in 100+ gold plus 10 frost badges in about 15-20 minutes. Not bad, not great, but not bad for gold/hr.

That’s about all the time I have on my toons now. In fact, “Call to Auction,” a great podcast about making gold in WoW, answered my email on air in their last episode. I asked how I might take advantage of my maxed professions with the 10 minutes per day I have to spend in the AH. They actually recommended that I drop scanning the AH daily, as I should know what sells. Also, focus on my profession cooldowns, sell what sells for a moderate price, and that’s about it. I was surprised about the AH scans, but the economy of WoW has been a bit upside down lately. Usually, my red cut epic gems would sell between 140 and 160 gold. I’m lucky to sell them for 110 these days. Even raid nights bolds, brights and runed cardinal rubies are going for under 100g. Ouch. With this trend line pointing down, and 4.0.1 dropping any week now, I suppose I need to have a fire sale to get any value out of my 2 dozen gems or so. Better than nothing, anyway.