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Episode #49: Cooling Down Professionally

28 Feb

Success in WoW = success in life. Ok, maybe not.

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As Mists of Pandaria gets a little long in the tooth, it could be time to focus on small side projects that maybe slipped by the wayside as you were raiding or leveling up. Even though I’m still leveling an army of alts, I’m more focused on my professions and now I make sure that I use every cooldown every day. These cooldowns help me not only make money, but also mounts, vanity items, and high level equipment for my alts. For example, I’m creating Jard’s Peculiar Energy source every day on my Engineer, and I’m only about 10 days away from the Sky Golem mount. I also use my blacksmith to create a balanced trillium ignot so that I can eventually make and either sell or use a 553 ilevel plate armor. My scribe dutifully makes a scroll of wisdom every day, my alchemist formulates living steel for my sky golem mount and belt buckles, and my warlock tailor creates celestial cloth for ilevel 553 armor. I usually buy all my mats on the auction house as time is more valuable to me. Besides, what I make a sell exceeds the cost of the mats, so it’s a win-win.

If professions aren’t your thing, why not try some old-world raids, grab a rare mount or pet, or farm transmog gear for your metro blood elf. Or perhaps, you can simply dance your scantily clad orc on the mailbox for tips. I’M TOO SEXY FOR THIS MAILBOX…..SO SEXY IT HURTS!




Episode 48: Cooldowns are the Bane of my Game

30 Jan

I really hate cooldowns

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I recently leveled up my engineering to 600 and farmed for about 30 minutes until the Sky Golem pattern dropped along with the recipe needed to create a crucial material for this mount, Jard’s Peculiar Engergy Source. But, this can only be crafted once a day. So, I’ve been dutifully logging into WoW on most days to make one of these along with a living steel, but I can’t actually log in every single day! Some days I just can’t get to my gaming rig, but I always have my iPhone with me. For the love of Zeus, Blizzard, will you please make an app to craft items!! While you’re at it, it’d be great if it let us do almost anything not related to actually fighting in WoW. Be it pet battles, crafting, or the barber shop, just freaking add it. This mount takes 30 days to make, but it’ll be about 60 for me, just because I’m apparently not committed enough to this game to jump through the hoop every day like a good little citizen of Azeroth!!!!!

Ok, I’m not really that upset guys. I hope I didn’t just troll ya.

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Don’t drink too much

22 Sep

This hasn’t been too hard for me lately as I’ve succumbed to the P9oX fad; only it’s not a fad, I love it. 40 days in and I’ve lost 10 pounds, put on decent bulk, and feel fantastic! Of course, doing any vigorous activities for 60-90 minutes, 6 days a week will yield some results, no?

Actually, what I’m talking about is Brewfest baby! It started a couple of days ago, and I’ve been running all 5 of my 80s through it since it dropped. Not only are the queues for DPS under 3-4 minutes, but it’s 2 frost badges, a trinket here or there that my low geared 80s need anyway, and a chance for Coren Direbrew to drop some rare loot like a mount or the Tankard O’Terror, which my rogue happened upon in his loot barrel. Now, my Auctioneer data reported that the weapon is around 2-2.5k in value. I quickly mailed said mug to my bank alt, salivating at the 2k drop, only to look at the board and see about a dozen tankards already up. The lowest price was 109 gold. WTF?! Ok, so maybe getting this weapon isn’t going to be a money maker, but it’s an ilevel 226 weapon, good for rogues and enhancement shamans. I guess it’ll end up with one of them as I level in Cataclysm :(. Besides the drops, each alt gets 20 gold as well. Include that with occasional vendoring of trinkets, and I pull in 100+ gold plus 10 frost badges in about 15-20 minutes. Not bad, not great, but not bad for gold/hr.

That’s about all the time I have on my toons now. In fact, “Call to Auction,” a great podcast about making gold in WoW, answered my email on air in their last episode. I asked how I might take advantage of my maxed professions with the 10 minutes per day I have to spend in the AH. They actually recommended that I drop scanning the AH daily, as I should know what sells. Also, focus on my profession cooldowns, sell what sells for a moderate price, and that’s about it. I was surprised about the AH scans, but the economy of WoW has been a bit upside down lately. Usually, my red cut epic gems would sell between 140 and 160 gold. I’m lucky to sell them for 110 these days. Even raid nights bolds, brights and runed cardinal rubies are going for under 100g. Ouch. With this trend line pointing down, and 4.0.1 dropping any week now, I suppose I need to have a fire sale to get any value out of my 2 dozen gems or so. Better than nothing, anyway.