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Episode 21: “The Chocolate Cake is a LIE!”

26 Jan

No, Blizzard, I do not need or want your chocolate cake!! (nom, nom, nom)

Click below for the audio segment:

I just had to “QQ” about the incoming nerf to the Dragon Soul raid. How dare Blizzard treat me like a noob, and NO I won’t eat your chocolate cake!!!!! NEVAHHH!!!!





Episode 20: “Two MMOs at Once?!”

17 Jan

Answering to 2 masters at once...is it possible?

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Ok, I love WoW, and every other PC or console game has been relatively neglected for years now. My 2 raid nights a week were pretty much all the gaming time I can afford. But, now a second MMO is wooing me for my gaming time, just asking me to cheat on WoW.

So, how do you handle 2 MMOs, which of course are never “finished,” with such a limited schedule. My answer, if you really need to play both, you’re going to get half as much done in each game as you would in one. I’m still raiding in WoW, so my, “eh-em, force-user, is still a teenager.” But remember, you’re in these games for the long-haul. Be patient, enjoy the trip, enjoy the people you play with, it’s not a race. If you have a job or studies, or your family to take care of, that always takes priority, leveling those life aspects will reap greater rewards than any purple pixels.


10 Jul

Orc Warrior and BE priest...love?

So, with the expansion of Recruit a Friend to level 80, AND 4.1 patch’s ability to send heirloom items to other accounts on the same Battle.net account, I decided I’d go ahead and level my level 10 warrior bank alt and a priest to boost my level 48 hunter.

I first thought I’d do what’s easier…level dual shadow priests. The reason is that it’s easier to dual-box the same class. However, I have a level 10 bank alt warrior. He’s been with me for 5 years. I feel bad for him. So….I mailed my clothie heirlooms to my newly created second account (on my battle.net account, which is a new feature of patch 4.1) and of course, my warrior already had all the heirlooms (okay, leather chest, shoot me).

Also, even though it will probably take me a little longer to dual box a tank/healer duo, with a server transfer, I won’t have to dual box a second pair (unless I’m that psychotic). I have a level 48 hunter and 77 shammy, so when my priest hits 80, I can grant 32 levels to my hunter and 3 levels to my shammy to get them both to 80 (yeah, 5 wasted granted levels). I’ll pay $25 for that luxury.

I’ll try and update how the progress is going. I have 90 days to benefit from the triple xp, but if levels 10-25 are any indication, it will rock. I went from 10-25 on BOTH toons in just 3.5 hours. And that included a bunch of monkeying around with addons, macros, etc. I did 2 dungeon runs after level 15 and each run gave me 5 levels (3 at the end of each due to a massive xp gain).

I think I’ll take that.