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Episode 44: Warlords of Efficiency

14 Nov

“You’re gonna make me go do WHAT?!”

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Many of you out there still have the post-Blizzcon Blues, and unfortunately, I am living with the regret of not going myself, but when you have a family and both spouses work, well, it just doesn’t work out sometimes.

The new expansion to WoW, “Warlords of Draenor”, was announced of course, and I’m quite excited about some of the efficiency and flexibility they are adding to the game, especially for those of us who don’t have much time.

I’m particularly excited about Garrisons, which will give you access to followers, as your garrison grows over 3 tiers. These followers will be able to go on missions to get you epic gear and materials, along with your expanded farm creating more materials.

You get a free 90, and you get a free 90, and everyone who buys the expansion gets a free 90! I’d hold off on leveling your lowest alt and wait for the expansion to boost said alt, or even a new level 1 to 90. I wish they’d add a 12th character slot, since my best boost would only be from level 81. Blizzard also hinted that they may offer additional level 90 boosts for purchase. The reason that they should do this is because some players there will just purchase additional expansions for more than one account, then transfer boosted 90s over to their main account. Might as well make it more efficient.

More bag space! Blizzard will be increasing stack sizes of many mats to 100, and putting tabards, quest items, heirlooms, toys and tabards into a collection, saving dozens of bag slots. You’ll also be able to craft from items in your bank! So, you can dump many mats in your bank and craft from them anywhere in the world.

Remember, you can also hear my segments on The Instance, Rawrcast, The AIE Podcast and Convert to Raid.



An Interview With Scott Johnson & Turpster

4 Nov

Scott and Turpster recording "The Instance." Those are my mics!!! squeee

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Blizzcon was fantastic! Three nights without children bring a certain sense of wonder and excitement…and a little funny tickle in the nether region for a 37 year old man. Yes, getting out of the house without any responsibilities but to that of my liver and what I put into it was liberating.

The convention itself was unlike anything else I’ve experienced. Nerd-dom for sure. I did smell quite a bit of BO, but the AC seemed to whisk most of it away. Many of you may have seen my pics from Blizzcon. If not, head on over to my new Facebook page and check it out. (You can “like” my page while you’re there!).

Geeking out about scuba diving with Ghostrcrawler

Me and Mike Morheim

With a few libations in me, I even geeked out about marine science with Ghostcrawler (yep, I’m a marine biologist) and met Mike Morheim. They both have more money than me, fact.

Oh, and AIE had a guild hall that was nothing short of fantastic. Many props (not propositions) to Belthaz and others that set it up and made it work. While hanging out there, I set up my audio equipment for a possible AIE recording (which didn’t happen), but it served as a backup to Scott Johnson’s own equipment. Since I had a full copy of the recording of him and Turpster doing a live show there (ep #249), I had a little fun with my own interview, posted above. It also was included in the latest Instance, episode #251. Let’s just say they got some dirt on Blizzard’s next “augmentation” of WoW characters.

Hafrot and Stompalina recording "Rawrcast" in the AIE guild hall

I also invited the Rawrcast crew over to the guild hall and we recorded an episode at the very same table…with a few more cuss words and booze. You can check out that Blizzcon Drunkfest, Stompalina, Hafrot, Pignasty and their crew are freakin’ loose and hilarious. I had a blast!


Blizzcon or Bust! Probably Bust….

14 Oct

As I sit here and write this (probably shouldn’t be doing it on work time, though), I’m madly trying to organize my thoughts and lists for what I need to accomplish before Blizzcon next week. My eighth wedding anniversary was yesterday and my wife is suffering from a herniated disc, so I’ve really been picking up the slack regarding the family duties. Actually, I’m pretty much doing everything from dropping off the kids (at two different schools, 20 miles apart, no less), working all day, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, getting my wife’s food and meds and pretty much collapsing by the end of the night after putting the kids to sleep.

Nevertheless I trudge along, blindly ignoring the fact that I still don’t have someone secured to help with my wife next week. She’s not bed-ridden, but lifting anything more than a phone has been outlawed by her neurosurgeon. And since things always come in bunches, of course I have a three day research diving (SCUBA) expedition Monday through Wednesday, spending each night on our anchored research vessel. I’ll be home for one short evening before loading my car and heading down I-5 to the land of great traffic.

So, I’ve been reading many blog articles about Blizzcon. Apparently they are full of nerds who stink, is that right? I admit, this will be a bit strange going solo down there, and I wonder if I’ll stick out like a sore gaming thumb if I actually bathe (which of course I do twice a day…not quite Orel Hershiser-like). I have my comfy sneakers, water bottle, podcasting equipment, clothing, backpack, jackets, camera, and my handy Blizzcon iPhone app to keep me focused on what panels I will attend or drop at the last second.

Now, I’m a very social guy, but I detest crowds and lines. Unfortunately, I’ll have to get over it because clearly most of Blizzcon is actually “Linecon.” Suppose I should remember those earbuds as well….brb.

Speaking of earbuds, I’ll be running around trying to grab interviews from various Blizzard employees, players, guildies, even homeless people on the street. Hey, that’s all I may get. Look for small segments and recaps of the convention’s festivities next Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I am looking very much forward to this. No kids, just geeks and people I’ve only met over the internet or in the virtual world.

I can’t wait!