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Episode 67: Patch 6.2.3 and new toys and new mounts and new gear and new….

19 Nov

Your new drake. (image from worldofwarcraft.com)

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Patch 6.2.3 has dropped, and boy are there lots of things to do in this patch! First, there is a new Timewalking dungeon event in which you can earn Timewarped badges to then spend on new toys and other items, not to mention, that any Timewalking boss might drop a new mount, the Reins of the Infinite Timereaver, which looks really, really cool. For right now, Timewalking dungeons are available for level 86 and higher and take you back to Cataclysm dungeons.

Also, be sure to log in by November 30th to claim your treasures for WoW’s 11th anniversary. Items include an inflatable Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, Exquisite costume set of Edwin VanCleef, a gnoll and murloc celebration wand, and a celebration package , which gives you an 11% reputation and experience gain for one hour.

There is also a new quest chain that can reward you with the new Reins of the Grove Warden Mount. However, you need to kill Archimonde in this patch to get the Remnant of Chaos that needs to be turned in to claim your new mount.

Cross-realm Mythic raiding is now open as well, and bosses can reward an heirloom trinket that will scale up to level 110 in Legion.

Lastly, Valor is back! You can earn Valor to upgrade Hellfire Citadel, Tanaan Jungle, Crafted and Draenor dungeon items. Items can be upgraded twice, costing 250 valor per 5 ilevel increase.



Level 97-100 in 9 minutes

5 Oct

I forgot to post this on my site from more than a week ago, but I used the Elixir of the Rapid Mind in a much more efficient way than my first try. I leveled my shadow priest from 97-100 in 9 minutes. Of course, you have to set this up by completing all but one piece of more than several bonus objectives.

Episode 66: Level Every 15 Minutes in WoW

17 Sep

The video above is related to the content below, but for the short audio segment, you can download it here, or stream it below:

I have too many alts! So many, I don’t think I’ll get them all up to level 100 by the time Legion drops. But, I’ve discovered a great, but very expensive way to seriously boost your leveling speed.

It’s called the “Elixir of the Rapid Mind,” and it is an award from one of the weekly rare garrison missions. What it does is increase experience gain by 300% for 15 min. However, this elixir is not soulbound and can be sold on the auction house…wheeere.. you’ll find it for thousands of gold. I’ve bought three of them so far for 4,500 a pop, which is about the market average.

I’m not a wow millionaire, but I did buy three of them to see what it would do, in concert with my 20% potion of accelerated learning and 45% from heirlooms. Of course, all at rested XP!

In my three tests, I earned between 3 and 4 million xp per hour, which is about a level every 15 minutes. My latest test was with looting treasures in FrostFire Ridge, with flying, of course, and I did record this session for you all to view on YouTube.

Hm..I still have 73 levels to gain across 9 toons to get them all to 100. That’d be 73 potions, or more than 300,000 gold. Welp, this will be short-lived, but fun!


Epic Diapers 65: Flying in Draenor

9 Sep
That's me and my shiny new Skyterror mount FLYING OVER DRAENOR!

That’s me and my shiny new Skyterror mount FLYING OVER DRAENOR!

You can download the segment here, or stream it below!

In the recent patch 6.2.2, Blizzard introduced a modification to the achievement “Draenor Pathfinder” that not only gives you a new mount, the Soaring Skyterror, but also gives you the ability to fly in Draenor. It’s really not too tough to get it, and if you’ve had a level 100 character for a while, you probably have quite a bit of this achievement. You’ll need to explore all 6 zones in Draenor, earn the “Loremaster of Draenor” achievement, loot 100 treasures in Draenor (excluding Tanaan jungle), complete the 12 assault bonus objectives in Dreanor, and raise 3 of the new Tanaan reputations to revered. You can check your progress by entering your realm and toon name at wowhead.com/flying. Also the addons Handy Notes and Draenor treasures will guide you to your remaining undiscovered treasures.

Of course, your grizzled veteran level 100 toon may not benefit too much from flying, other than being able to easily drop in on treasures and quests in Draenor, but all of your alts also get the ability to fly! In fact, I just used my level 91 priest to zip around from quest to quest in the air, and in a straight line, avoiding mobs and obstacles. Let me tell you, it is amazing how much faster leveling is!

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Epic Diapers #64: Heirlooms Shmeirlooms

28 May
Not sexy gear, but who gives a rat's ass when it boots you by 50%!?

Not sexy gear, but who gives a rat’s ass when it boots you by 50%!?

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It’s been a while since I’ve had a segment, but hey, kids, research expeditions and other events have kept me away from the game for a bit. However, I’m back in and committed to getting all 11 classes to level 100. How, do you ask? With heirlooms, of course! You can upgrade all heirlooms to level 100 now, and if you plan out carefully, you can maximize your leveling efficiency. First of all, cloth heirlooms not only work on locks, mages and priests, but I also use them on my boomkin and elemental shaman. That’s 5 classes! It’ll cost you 2,000 gold for each of the 5 armor upgrades, not including the pirate’s ring, but that’s 10,000 gold to get you a 45% boost to experience gain on 5 toons from 90-100. You can also spend another 5k on the heirloom staff, but that’s up to you. I personally did it so as to not have to worry about a weapon upgrade as I leveled. Of course, if you can purchase or make a 630 weapon, go ahead and do so.

At level 91, you can also purchase a 20% leveling buff potion, making your total experience gain around 65%! With the pirate ring, it’s 70%! If you craft a few 630 pieces, you’ll be a one toon wrecking crew, sailing your way to 100. The question is, what’s worth more to you? Virtual gold or your time? I’d say time, especially since you can use some of your saved time to make back some of the coin you spent on the heirlooms in the first place.

Now I’m off to get my lock, mage and priest to 100 in style!

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Epic Diapers #63: Everything Heirloom is Awesome!

11 Mar
My level 90 warrior decked out in glorious golden heirlooms. Yes, he's fashion conscious.

My level 90 warrior decked out in glorious golden heirlooms. Yes, he’s fashion conscious.

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Stream the segment below!

Heirlooms have always been awesome, but now, they’re even more awesome. After Blizzard made heirlooms accessible via a tab throughout all your characters, and that you can boost them to carry you to level 100, it offers a great avenue to level your alts all the way to raiding with an efficient route.

Personally, I have used my heirlooms to get every class to at least level 90. Now, I’ve upgraded my cloth heirlooms to take my mage, priest, druid and shaman to level 100. Yes, you can use cloth heirlooms on druids and shaman that go pew pew, since you take little damage. If you combine the 45% leveling experience boost with the 20% garrison potion that’s available at level 91, the grind to 100 is more than 50% faster than my first two toons that I took to level 100.

So, plan out your toons by heirloom type, and if you have the gold, upgrade those pieces to get all of your alts to 100. Because, who doesn’t want to run missions and dailies through 11 different classes every day?



Epic Diapers #61: “Filthy Casual Followers”

22 Jan
All 25 of my followers are level 645 or higher now. What to do with all the 615 gear?

All 25 of my followers are level 645 or higher now. What to do with all the 615 gear?

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Stream it below!


I am a filthy casual player, yet I have 23 followers over ilevel 645, and the other two are at 630, and all 25 are epic. Yet, I continually hear from players that are frustrated about their low chances at higher level missions such as the Highmaul raid for ilevel 655 gear because of few followers at level 645 and the rest are barely off the mat from 600.

Look, I log in only once or twice a day to do missions management, but aside from the addons of Garrison Mission Manager and Master Plan as a great aid, I am obtaining virtually all of my follower enhancements from big crates of salvage and the War Mill. If follower levels are important to you, you need to put in a salvage yard and war mill and upgrade them to level 3. For every level 100 mission you complete, you get a big crate of salvage, and the war mill processes garrison resources for metal scraps and follower enhancement items. In patch 6.1, you will also be able to access a daily quest to trade in your iron horde scraps, or the alliance equivalent, for follower equipment. I do raid Highmaul with my raid team, yet I have some great gear from missions that I can easily complete due to my army of high level epic followers.