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Epic Diapers #62: “That Potion Makes You Buff”

5 Feb
My level 91 lock in his tailoring emporium, putting in orders and crafting ilevel 640 equipment.

My level 91 lock in his tailoring emporium, putting in orders and crafting ilevel 640 equipment.

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If you’re an altoholic like me, or you plan on leveling several toons to 100, I’ve got a few tips for you that can make your overall leveling process faster, and  a way to manufacture more materials and gear for all of your toons.

If you have several toons at level 90 gathering dust, may I suggest leveling each one of them until they establish their garrison. Typically, this takes only an hour or so to do, but once that garrison is built, resources start accumulating at about 500 every 3 ½ days. Now, you can simply log in every 3 days to collect your resources, and when you’re ready to take that toon to 100, you’ll be swimming in resources which will enable you to send more followers on missions, construct buildings faster, and even buy that 20% experience buff potion from your garrison innkeeper to save hours of leveling.

If you have an extra hour or two to spend with each alt that has established their garrison, may I recommend that you select a crafting profession and complete that initial questline in frostfire ridge to get the level 1 blueprint. Now, you can build your tailoring emporium, forge, or whatever you need mats for. My level 91 warlock has already created enough hexweave cloth for a level 640 chest, and I plan on creating the legs and helm to wear to make his eventual leveling process even faster. My lock also has 4 followers, all at level 100. Often the player experience quests come up, and I’ve gained almost a full level on my lock by just completing those missions with the experience potion buff active.


Epic Diapers #60: “Cold Sweet Gold”

14 Jan
You'll be swimming in gold after farming old raids...

You’ll be swimming in gold after farming old raids… (image from playerattack.com)


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Hey you sexy cats out there, have you mined enough ore to built a fleet of sweet impalas, have you picked enough of those organic herbs from your GMO-free garden? Are you looking for something different to do. Well, you could always make…


That’s right peeps. I’m talking cold sweet gold baby. You could make it by flipping junk on the auction house or finishing all those quests that other NPCs are telling you to do, or maybe even by shaking that thing on top of the mailbox, but I’m talking quick gold with some satisfaction, if you know what I’m throwin’ down.

I’m talking about wiping up those old raids, baby. That’s right, I flew my dew-glistening body over to the Bastion of Twilight and farmed that first room over and over and over again until I couldn’t take it anymore, but 10 times in an hour ain’t nothing to shake a stick at..

And you know how much I made? 2,000 gold in 15 minutes. That’s 8k per hour, and you could even make more, considering your luck. Besides the cash and trash, you can take all of that embersilk and make some sweet high-thread count silk sheets for other endeavors, or make bags that sell like hotcakes at around 400 gold a pop. That, with  some of the transmog epic gear and you’re well on your way to making enough of that coin to buy whatever you want.


My apologies for making this horrible segment


Reality is that I did make a lot of gold farming BoT, and it provided a quick boost in cash to my reserves. Of course, after I farmed this, an ilevel 665 trinket dropped from a salvage crate that I sold for 40,000 gold, so that kind of outstripped gold/hour of any farming I’ve done!


Do What You Want

29 May

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Hey all, it’s Sihx, and well, after more than 4 years of raiding with my team, I’m taking the summer off to spend more time with my family instead of my virtual family. It does feel nice to get more time at night with my wife and kids on Wed and Thursdays, but man, I really do miss the raiding scene. However, I’ve refocused my few hours of weekly play time in Azeroth into farming, I mean, literal farming, and of course, leveling alts with the 33% nerf to xp between 85 and 90. If you aren’t raiding or don’t have a weekly committment, I’d suggest you think of things you’d like to do in game, and then make a checklist, in order, of what you can get done in a short window of playing time. Perhaps it’s trying out the new heroic scenarios for ilevel 516 loot. Maybe expanded pet battles, leveling alts, killing 3 bosses in LFR, transmog runs, making a little cash in the auction house, or maybe just getting your sexy blood elf to dance on the mail box all night long. Whatever it is, do what you want, and make sure you’re having fun without taking away from someone else.


Patch 4.3 Professions Prep!

7 Oct

Make crazy gold or gear your alts when 4.3 drops!


Well, after almost a year of doing Epic Diapers, I’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase the domain, epicdiapers.com. Has a nice ring to it, eh?

Patch 4.3 is now live on the PTR, so I wanted to cover some additions to the world of professions to get you better prepared and meet the item level requirements for the new 5 man heroics and the new looking for raid feature.

First of all, chaos orbs will be tradeable in 4.3, meaning you may want to either a) craft a bunch of item level 365 epics NOW with all of your orbs before the price in those craftables drops too far, b) horde those chaos orbs for selling on the AH or c) craft some of the new ilevel 397 gear you or your guildies will be able to make.

Right now, blacksmiths, leatherworkers, and tailors will get all new patters for bracers, boots and legplates, all of them requiring the new essence of destruction, which will replace this tier’s Living Ember. Blacksmiths and leatherworkers will also need chaos orbs, while tailors will need dreamcloth. All three will also get new ilevel 377 PVP patterns.

Enchanters will also be able to shatter their maelstrom crystals to heavenly shards, Scribes can create new ilevel 377 PVP relics, and jewelcrafters will be able to make new ilevel 377 PVP amulets and rings and even some sexy new rhinestone sunglasses!

Oh man, I gotta get me some of these to wear at Blizzcon!! Hit me up on twitter if you’re going!

Wowhead has a great professions prep page for patch 4.3!

And remember, it’s hard to balance the pew pew with the poo poo.


Best PVE Gear for Toons that Don’t Raid

12 Aug

You can still have chocolate cake if you don't raid!


So, you’re level 85 and can’t raid, or you want to gear up an alt. you may not get the best gear in the game, but you can do pretty well without ever killing a boss in the Firelands, Here’s a quick guide on the best PVE gear you can get without raiding.

First, grab your 365 cloak from the Elemental Bonds quests, open to all level 85s. Next, head for the Molten Front. Upon completing all of the quests, most classes can get 365 gear for their neck, hands, wrist, waist, feet, rings, trinkets and relics, and blacksmithing patterns for weapons.

For level 378 gear, do your daily random heroics, as valor points can get you your neck, wrist, ring, relics, and your tier 12 chest, hands and legs. Don’t forget your weekly Occu’thar kill in Baradin hold for a chance at a 378 PVE piece or PVP 384 piece to drop.

Try and join a PUG to kill Firelands trash, and you can not only grind up rep with the Avegners of Hyjal to get a 378 cloak and belt, but you may also get lucky with a neck, wrist, waist, ring, or weapon drop.

If you’re rich, hit up the auction house for BoE 378s. Ask guildies if they have any 378 hand or boot patterns they’d be willing to craft for you…but make sure you pay them well.

In a nutshell, you can get item level 365 or 378 PVE gear for every slot except for your head and shoulders. If you have less than 359 gear here, just spend honor points for 371 PVP gear, which will be better in most cases.

You can find a more detailed spreadsheet of your options here.

And remember, it’s hard to balance the pew pew with the poo poo.



Epic Diapers, Segment #3 on “The Instance”

27 May

If you want to listen to segment 3 of “Epic Diapers,” please download episode 231 of “The Instance” at www.theinstance.net or look for “The Instance” on iTunes.


In this short segment, I continued from last week how you can make lots of gold with your limited time. There are a few addons that I use to make several hundred to several thousand gold a day:

Auctionator: This is a great addon that helps you price your auctions with a 5% undercut and in stacks of your choice. It saves time.

Altoholic: This addon helps me find that item or look up a profession skill across all of my many alts.

ArkInventory: This addon will organize your bags, including your bank bags, into virtual containers that you can set up rules for. I set up my bags to sort soulbound items by item level, BoE items by item level, and all my materials into sections by profession.

www.theunderminejournal.com: This website is fantastic! You can look up the price history for the last two weeks for any item on your server’s auction house. What’s nice about this is that you can also set up email alerts for items that cross a certain threshold. For example, if you want to purchase volatile life under 10 gold, it can email you when it drops below that amount. Or, perhaps you have been stocking up on a certain item that you want to flip for a specific price. Once it rises above that threshold, again you are emailed! It gives you the opportunity to capitalize.

Mobile Auction House: The Underminejournal ties into the mobile auction house. Granted, it’s $3 per month, but for me, it’s worth it. In conjunction with email alerts from the Underminejournal, I can quickly log onto the mobile auction house on my iPhone and post or buy such items. Great money making opportunity enhancer!

Feel free to share your tips on how you make most of your limited time in the World of Warcraft by sending me email at epicdiapers at gmail.com or tweet me up @epicdiapers.

Stay epic, my friends!


Making Gold With Minimal Time

26 Jan

From ehow.com

Gosh darn it’s hard to get back to posting on this blog! It’s been tough with the family commitments over the holidays, and ramping back into school with the kindergartner. However, I have been able to maximize my minimal playing time with the obsidium/elementium shuffle and Transmute: living elements. These process is widely available on the internethers, but results will vary based on your server, time you log on, and when you purchase and sell on the auction house.


Seriously, I have been making boatloads of gold with these two quick processes. Now, not gold-capped type of gold; I only have about 15-20 minutes a day to do this, so there are MANY markets that I am not taking advantage of.  First of all, these are the tools I have at my disposal: auctioneer, auctionator, and the mobile AH (yes, it’s $2.99/mo). That’s it. Obviously you don’t NEED these tools, but they help me automate a little bit more of the process and to take advantage of opportunistic times to buy and sell.


Step 1: Buy elementium or obsidium ore…lots of it! Servers will vary, but I can reliably buy dozens of stacks at 80G or less. Sometimes it actually dips down to less than 60G/stack like it did last weekend…boy did I lap it up. See, you’ll never have to worry about losing money on it if stacks are around 60G or less because of the vendored value of cut uncommon gems. Each stack will prospect to an average of 6 uncommon gems. These uncommons, if cut, can be vendored at 9G x 6 = 54 G. So, this is the theoretical market price floor of the ore. God forbid, if you EVER see it cheaper than 54G/stack, you have some idiots on your server.

Step 2: Prospect, prospect, prospect!!!

Step 3: Do your market research to determine how best to craft and sell your wares. If can maximize your profit if you have access to an enchanter. I have an alt enchanter that I mail mats to DE. Anyway, this is how I process my gems to maximize profit:


  • carnelians – I craft into Carnelian Spikes and DE with an alt. I’ve been getting an average of 2 Greater Celestial Essences per weapon, plus some lessers and Hypnotic Dust. The GCEs sell for 40-50G on my server, thus each weapon’s DE value is 80-100G, not including the additional mats I mentioned. This is also a value I use to watch for purchasing Carnelians. Since it takes 3 of these to craft the spikes, I’ll purchase the carnelians outright if they are <20G each, since the production cost will be <60G; it’s just sweet icing on top!
  • jaspers – I used to make Jasper rings and DE them, but dusts are down to 7G and less on my server, so now I’ve been holding onto my jaspers, and selling them in stacks of 3 when the JC daily comes up. I can usually sell them for about 20G each, as opposed to the DE value of around 12G.
  • hessonites – sell in stacks of 3 when the daily comes up. The JC ring requires 2 of these, so DE isn’t as profitable on my server as just selling the raws
  • alicites – the raws are down to 10G each, so I do craft the necklace that requires 2 gems, DE the greens, and try and sell the blues for which I usually get 50-100G
  • zephyrites – sell in stacks of 3 when the daily comes up.
  • nightstones – probably the highest valued raw uncommon on my server. I sell these in stacks of 3 when the JC daily comes up, and I routinely sell them at 50G per gem!
  • Fire Prism: This is NOT profitable, but I did create 3 of these just to level my JC to 525. It takes 3 of each of 6 uncommons, and usually only produces 2-3 rare gems.
  • Shadowspirit Diamonds: Although it is most profitable for me to do the above, I do have an alchemist, so I occasionally transmute my uncommon gems into 2 Shadowspirit Diamonds to either sell raw (can be over 200G each!) or to cut into one of 2 current meta gem patterns I have. My alchemist is transmute-specced, but I have yet to see a proc of more than 2 diamonds. The Ember and Chaotic sell for around the same 200G, although not as regularly as the raw diamond itself.
  • Enchants: One enchant is selling very well: Enchant Chest – Mighty Stats. It requires 2 lesser celestial essences and typically sells for 70-100G. However, this enchant cannot be flooded onto the market, so I can’t make a ton of them. I make several at a time and reap the profits.

Rare gems – I typically just horde these and cut 3 of each color for the patterns I have already. I get about 100G per Bold Inferno that I cut, but all other patterns bring in around 30G per..not very lucrative, but money nonetheless.

This process above can take me 15-20 minutes per day. If I had more time, I would just be making more money!

As I mentioned, I do have an alchemist. I have parked her level 80 booty at the Ramkahen Inn in Uldum, and now that there is a mailbox there, it makes it so easy to do this. I simply purchase Volatile Life with this toon on my iPhone mobile AH (when I’m at work, or just out), and when I’m home, I simply log on, retrieve the Volatile Life, transmute it to Volatile Air (being present in Uldum forces this specific product), and log off. I later sell the air from the mobile AH. All in all, I purchase 15 lifes for an average of 150G, and sell 15 airs for an average of 450G, which is a 300G per day profit for about 2 minutes of “work.” It’s definitely my best gold/min strat, but because of the CD, is limited to once a day. However, I’ve been doing this for about a month now, and it adds up. That’s 30 days x 300G = 9000G without even trying.

Crap, I just wasted some gold-making time…back at it!