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Episode 66: Level Every 15 Minutes in WoW

17 Sep

The video above is related to the content below, but for the short audio segment, you can download it here, or stream it below:

I have too many alts! So many, I don’t think I’ll get them all up to level 100 by the time Legion drops. But, I’ve discovered a great, but very expensive way to seriously boost your leveling speed.

It’s called the “Elixir of the Rapid Mind,” and it is an award from one of the weekly rare garrison missions. What it does is increase experience gain by 300% for 15 min. However, this elixir is not soulbound and can be sold on the auction house…wheeere.. you’ll find it for thousands of gold. I’ve bought three of them so far for 4,500 a pop, which is about the market average.

I’m not a wow millionaire, but I did buy three of them to see what it would do, in concert with my 20% potion of accelerated learning and 45% from heirlooms. Of course, all at rested XP!

In my three tests, I earned between 3 and 4 million xp per hour, which is about a level every 15 minutes. My latest test was with looting treasures in FrostFire Ridge, with flying, of course, and I did record this session for you all to view on YouTube.

Hm..I still have 73 levels to gain across 9 toons to get them all to 100. That’d be 73 potions, or more than 300,000 gold. Welp, this will be short-lived, but fun!



Playing World of Warcraft on an iPad!!

6 Jun

Here is a “first look” at playing World of Warcraft on an iPad! How you ask? Through an iPad app called “Splashtop.” It’s currently on sale for $2.99, which was low enough for me to check it out. Although it’s a little cumbersome to actually play WoW through the iPad, I’m sure with some customization of buttons, it may be possible to complete dailies and do simple things in game. Certainly raiding is out of the question.