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My dorky audio segment was included in “The Instance!”

15 May

I took about an hour to produce a little audio segment (with wonderful voice acting, btw…ha!) about prioritizing one’s limited WoW gaming time; particularly parents and those with very busy schedules. It was light hearted and fun, and apparently Scott Johnson et al thought it barely worthy to include in the most recent (ep. 229) episode of “The Instance.”

You can listen to episode 229 of “The Instance” here: http://theinstance.net/2011/05/229-the-instance-the-epic-stash/. My segment (called “Epic Diapers”) is included at the end of the show with several other regular segments.


I suppose I need to keep this segment as a regular…send me any ideas, tips, or otherwise about balancing your gaming and parenting life.

Stay epic my friends,