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WoW costs me 44 cents an hour

10 Mar
Insert 44 cents to play one hour

Insert 44 cents to play one hour

It’s a question that I rarely hear fully answered, “how much World of Warcraft have you played, total?” Some may glance at their /played, but that doesn’t tell the whole picture. Many of us have been playing since Vanilla, and it’s understandable to fear the summation of real-life hours that you have spent logged into Azeroth. In preparation for my interview on the Twisted Nether Blogcast last week, I decided to pop the hood and look deep into how many days I’ve spent killing dragons, getting ganked, and dancing on mailboxes.

I may not have as many toons as some of you out there, but my main realm (Earthen Ring – US) has 11 characters at level 81 or higher that I at least periodically log into (although MoP is so damn alt-unfriendly!) Back in my first few years of WoW, I played on a PVP server, so I had to log into each one of those toons as well to gather their /played time. All information was entered into a spreadsheet, down to the minute played. For this exercise, I did not include the three or four toons I have spread on two other servers that are level 5 or below, as their /played time is insignificant. Additionally, I did not add up time played from my dual-boxing toons on 3 other accounts, as they were played simultaneously with some of my current toons on Earthen Ring. If anyone out there multiboxes, don’t consider each toon individually, of course. We’re talking real world human playing time, and not the ones with the porn stashes.

The next step was to establish how long I’ve played this game. Checking my account history, I created my first WoW account on October 25, 2006. Through today (March 11, 2013), that is a span of 2,328 days. With those numbers, my play time since I started, can be broken down as follows:

  • My total /played time is 154 days, 10 hours, 28 minutes (3,706 hours)
  • That equates to almost 93 weeks, almost 2 full years of full time work (40 hrs/week)
  • 6.63% of my life has been spent playing WoW
  • I have averaged 11.14 hours per week
  • If Wow were a job, I would have grossed $25,18.76, all on 2006 CA State minimum wage ($6.75/hr)
  • I probably could have built Noah’s Ark, written a work of art, earned a second masters degree, and learned 3 new languages if I hadn’t played all of that World of Warcraft

Okay, maybe only 2 languages.

The other common statement that we’ve heard is that WoW is a cheap form of entertainment. Yes, $15 per month is quite inexpensive for the enjoyment most of us get out of this game, but I wanted to see EXACTLY how much it was costing me.

Looking into my account history, I summed up what I have spent on this game in the last 6 and a half years. I’ve had a 3 month recurring subscription charge for most of that time, dual boxed with recruit-a-friend three times, bought multiple copies of the game and expansions, subscribed to the mobile auction house and have purchased just one pet. The grand total? $1,647.97.

Ok, that’s not a drop in the bucket, but considering that it’s over 6 1/2 years, it’s not that bad. However, I can say I have not spent close to that on any other video game franchise in my life.

Now the math was simple. How much does World of Warcraft cost per hour?

For me, 44 cents.

I’d say that’s a cheap form of entertainment.

Now, I just hope my wife doesn’t find out how much of my life has been spent in game rather than with her, although my /played time with her and our kids is “forever.”



Will MoP Get More Alt-Friendly?

26 Feb


I have fun raiding, acquiring gear and rep on my main, but I also had fun doing it on my alts. My main was always better geared than my alts, but that gap was much narrower than it is in Mists of Pandaria. While I understand the philosophy of how Blizzard is handling alts in MoP, I personally enjoyed my alts more in Wrath and Cataclysm. Now, I can barely log onto an alt because of the time it takes to grind reputation, farm (literally) and raid on my main, and the fact that I know I can’t level more than 30 minutes a week on any given alt. We’re not even talking about touching pet battle or going on transmog runs!!

After 5 months in Cataclysm, I had 7 level 85s with about the same amount of playing time as I have today (6-10 hrs/week). After 5 months in MoP, I have one 90, and those other 6 alts are still sitting at 85 (disclosure, I RaF-boosted a Panda monk to 81 and leveled him to 85)…I haven’t been able to touch them.

As someone with limited playing time, I long for the days that I could quickly gear up an alt and experience a raid from a caster or healer point of view (frost DK is my raiding main). However, it’s not keeping me from the game, or is it a major complaint, just a disappointment, really. I still thoroughly enjoy MoP on my main, as my “main dish,” but I miss all of the alt “sides” that I used to be able to enjoy.

I personally would like to see an “alt leveling perk” system for every level 90 toon that you have. I’m not sure of the actual buff levels here, but maybe now that I have one 90, Blizzard could give me a permanent 25% leveling experience boost to all other toons on my account, and every additional 90 would boost my account an additional 5-10%. I would also like to see some of the reputation grinds lowered even more than it is currently (100% bonus to all server toons when you purchase a faction commendation at revered). I guess I’m a bit put off by doing even half of the same rep grind over again.

I’ve been playing WoW continuously since October 2006, but I will never be that player that claims to have walked uphill in the fel-tainted snow both ways to the auction house, I don’t care if things are easier for the newer players!

Do you like the way Blizzard has dealt with alts this expansion? Are you happy it’s not easier to level and gear up alts? Or, do you wish it was a bit easier to level and gear alts because that’s what you enjoy? Could Blizzard award leveling speed perks to alts for every 90 you have?