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21 Oct


I’m about to leave on a 3 day research diving trip for work, and have been prepping all day: cleaning the camera equipment, making sure I didn’t forget toiletries.

Since I can’t “exercise” over the next three days (actually I get quite a bit from the cardiovascular nature of kicking miles underwater with SCUBA gear on, often times in current and swell), I went for a jog here in Monterey. Last week I finished a 10 mile run in 1:45. Today, I made it 10 feet, and my calf exploded with pain. I have no idea what happened. Stretched and everything. Guess it’s old age.

Anyway, I felt bad for myself, so after I hobbled back to the office, I saw these beauties on the break room table. Was I tempted? Yes. Did a little part of my soul scream, “NO YOU DON’T!!” Well, I ignored the latter and took one.

Boy, that was a mistake. I love Oreos, which are apparently as addictive as cocaine. Well, this flavor is certainly not.

Do yourself a favor, don’t try these at home, or work, or anywhere.



Mana Mana

8 Dec

Mana Mana (from Wikipedia)

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This week’s audio segment doesn’t give you advice. It’s here for entertainment…for your earholes. Hopefully you are a fan of the muppets and WoW, because they are colliding!

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And remember, it’s hard to balance the pew pew with the poo poo.


BoA Heirlooms…are they just hand me downs?

4 Dec

Choose wisely (from

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Download the mp3 here

Bind on Account heirloom gear is the focus for the latest audio segment. If you are an alt-oholic like me, heirlooms have been a god-send. They can stack to a maximum of a 40% boost to your leveling speed. Most max out at 35% due to the difficulty in getting the fishing derby ring (+5%). Some heirlooms don’t provide a leveling boost, but they are blue-equivalent gear, level up along with you, and don’t require repairing. Plus, you can sell even more questing/dungeon gear that you acquire, saving you significant gold along your journey.

First, you pretty much need a max-level character (although you can earn heirlooms through the argent tournament, starting at level 77). The most common way to purchase them now is with Justice Points. There is a specific heirloom vendor in each main capital city. If you have multiple alts, try and consolidate your gear across multiple alts. For example, you can use agility leather for your hunter, enhancement shaman, and feral druid. The armor bonuses aren’t crucial, especially considering the grinding time you’ll save.

You can also spend your time pulling your fingernails out by grinding seals through the argent tournament, but personally, that’s not my recommended method.

Helms and cloaks are available through your guild vendor, and require reputation and quite a bit of gold. However these pieces work from 1-85, and all other heirlooms lose their benefits at 80.

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And remember, it’s hard to balance the pew pew with the poo poo.


Roastin’ Turkeys!

17 Nov

Where are those giblets?

Audio Stream

Yep, it’s that time of year again, Pilgrim’s Bounty is back for a short 7 days, November 21 through the 27th.

What I try and do with this segment is make your WoWing more efficient, and holidays are always a great way to advance some part of your character’s progression in some way. I personally don’t care about holiday achievements, but if you want to quickly level cooking on a toon or three, time to tie on that apron and grab a glass of sherry!

You can level your cooking from 1 to over 330 in less than an hour. First, go to Stormwind or Undercity and pick up your Bountiful Cookbook, which contains all the recipes you’ll need. Start by making Spice Bread and Spice Bread stuffing to skill 100. Next, make pumpkin pies to 160. Get over the Orgrimmar/Ironforge and make Tangy Wetland Cranberries to 220. Fly on over to Thunder Bluff/Darnassus and make Candied Sweet Potatoes to 280. Finally, go hunt wild turkeys and make slow roasted turkeys to 420 330! (420 wasn’t discovered until after the holiday launched, thanks for catching this!) Don’t forget to train your cooking as you level!

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And remember, it’s hard to balance the pew pew with the poo poo.


Segment #5 on “The Instance” – Don’t Drop Your Tank!

13 Jun

Guess i gotta drop this dungeon...again


I had a little rant for my fifth segment of “Epic Diapers” on “The Instance.” With my limited schedule, I plan my 6 hours of raiding each week (2 nights, 3 hrs each), and opportunistically play whenever I can. Some of this time is filled with quick leveling of alts, but if I think I have an hour or so, I’ll join the dungeon queue with my main. The problem is, I often am interrupted unexpectedly when trying to squeeze in this playing time. It might be my daugther, son, or my wife that need me at that very moment, or perhaps the house caught on fire. It’s surprising how little personal time you can count on having when raising a family.

I like to tank, but with these constant interruptions, I personally feel it’s rude to drop frequently if you are a tank. The other 4 members are relying on you, and if you can’t give the community a reliable commitment, just DPS. DPS can be replaced immediately in a random PUG, but when a tank drops, it can take 5-10 minutes sometimes. Of course, it’s your right to tank if you want, even if you have to drop 4/5 randoms you run. It’s your $15 a month. I just believe proper dungeoning etiquette can go a long way.

Stay epic, my friends!


Serenity Now!

6 Jun

Trying to balance my personal pursuits with family life, and sharing those experiences, is the focus of this blog. Case in point: I’ve been trying to launch this blog for months now, but clearly, it’s low on the “honey-do” list. That said, some opportunities arise to push through the work. This morning, for example, my daughter woke me up at 6 am (which is a common occurrence), and couldn’t get back to sleep. My wife was still asleep with our infant son, so I’m taking these precious few moments to refine the look and content of this blog. Today is also Sunday. I play baseball on Sundays during the summer, much to my wife’s chagrin. Alas, this may be my last year of playing ball, but to keep my sanity as an individual, I need these things.

Welcome to Epic Diapers!

6 Jun

Welcome to Epic Diapers! A site devoted to gaming parents and the challenges of balancing both family and recreation time. Growing up with games of all kinds, it’s a hobby that many of us in our mid 30s (plus or minus ten years) can just drop, right? However, it’s sometimes tough to balance the priorities of being a good parent and spouse with the desire to pew pew, nuke the crap out of something, or explore a sand box while committing virtual carjacking. This site is also meant to be a resource for those gaming parents that are finding it difficult to pull themselves away from their gaming; I hope it can become a forum for those wishing to share tips and strategies to put their families first, but finding a few hours a week to be in their own world, a world without a crying child, blown out diapers, midnight feedings, and the recipient of well-deserved choice words from the spouse.

Currently I blog mostly about my exploits in the World of Warcraft, the place I spend the majority of my gaming time. However, I do pick up console games on occasion, and when presented, will talk about those as well.

I subscribe to the mantra that enjoying everything in moderation is one of several keys to happiness, along with at least several other tangible and intangible keys. Maybe the “key ring” of life is more appropriate? I certainly wouldn’t be considered your typical nerd, but I do have nerd-like tendencies from time to time, gaming being one of them.  I’m a marine biologist by day, amateur baseball player on weekends, and gamer 2-4 nights a week. I’ve kept myself happy by keeping my responsibilities and interests all up in the air at the same time; I just have to be careful to keep my eye on each ball and be sure not to drop one, especially the large, poison-spiked ball of family responsibilities. My two children are my life, and I am devoted to them. I want to give them opportunities that I never had. I want to make sure that they feel loved more than they could imagine. But, everyone’s gotta have their downtime, their escape, their personal panic room; oh, wait, maybe they wouldn’t be terrified while in said room.