Epic Diapers 52: Do What You Want

14 May

Don’t let them put baby in the corner, that is, if baby is you.

[audio https://archive.org/download/EpicDiapers52/EpicDiapers_52.mp3]

Click above to play the audio segment!

Hey y’all, back with another segment of Epic Diapers, in my new recording studio! I can’t wait to decorate and produce more content, including more podcasts and youtube videos. Keep in touch for those projects.

So, with the doldrums of the end of mists of pandaria, many of you probably aren’t playing much world of warcraft. Well, I’m one of those, especially since we just moved and my current assignment is to defeat the boss that is the council of moving boxes. Of course, my wife is the general, and I answer to her. Although I still have a goal of getting all 11 classes to level 90 before Warlords of Draneor drops, I need to pick it up. Whatever your goal is, try and stick with it, whether it be playing with your new boosted 90, gathering legendaries or transmog gear, or perhaps, you want to be that guy who gets all of the achievement points that are possible. I’d rather empty boxes than get those points, but who am I to say? Do what you want, be yourself, and if that includes playing Hearthston, Heroes of the Storm, or hey, I don’t know, spend time with your family and friends, do what you gotta do. I won’t call you a noob.

You can follow me @epicdiapers and check out my blog at EpicDiapers.com. you can also listen to me and Willie Dills Gregory talk San Francisco Giants baseball at TortureCast.com and for you parents out there, check out the podcast I do with my wife, and she’s the talker, at kidsarehard.com.


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