How to get the new “Day of the Dead” pet

1 Nov

Why does this skeleton need pants?

I’m cheating here, but I’m going to try out these simple instructions to receive one “Macabre Marionette” either today or tomorrow.

Remember, Blizzard has made this pet permanent, so you only have two days to add it to your inventory of cute and fugly things.

You can also view wowhead’s complete “Day of the Dead” guide here.

From (user: DepletedUranium)

How to get it:

1) Log in during Day of the Dead.
2) Buy some ice cold milk and simple flour. Milk from innkeeper (not Dalaran) and simple flour from cooking supplier.
3) Port to Dalaran. This will work for all races.
4) Go to the graveyard just north of the staircase where you’d exit the Violet Citadel in the grassy area, you’ll see some seasonal NPCs.
5) Buy an Orange Marigold and the Recipe: Bread of the Dead from the seasonal vendor there.
6) Learn the recipe. Be ready to accept and turn in quest at same time; you have only 30 seconds per flower usage.
7) Use the cooking fire beside the questgiver to make the bread.
8) Use the flowers to make the invisible dead visible. Some spirits including a quest giver will appear (Cheerful Dalaran Spirit).
9) Accept quest: The Grateful Dead. Because you’ve already made the bread it will change directly to a completion.
10) Turn in quest and receive marionette (appears as skull in inventory) as quest reward.


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