21 Oct


I’m about to leave on a 3 day research diving trip for work, and have been prepping all day: cleaning the camera equipment, making sure I didn’t forget toiletries.

Since I can’t “exercise” over the next three days (actually I get quite a bit from the cardiovascular nature of kicking miles underwater with SCUBA gear on, often times in current and swell), I went for a jog here in Monterey. Last week I finished a 10 mile run in 1:45. Today, I made it 10 feet, and my calf exploded with pain. I have no idea what happened. Stretched and everything. Guess it’s old age.

Anyway, I felt bad for myself, so after I hobbled back to the office, I saw these beauties on the break room table. Was I tempted? Yes. Did a little part of my soul scream, “NO YOU DON’T!!” Well, I ignored the latter and took one.

Boy, that was a mistake. I love Oreos, which are apparently as addictive as cocaine. Well, this flavor is certainly not.

Do yourself a favor, don’t try these at home, or work, or anywhere.



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