Episode 43: Shutdown!

10 Oct

I like cupcakes

Click below for the audio segment:

It’s Sihx back with an unemployed segment. That’s right, those boneheads in our government have shuttered all operations and sent non-essential federal employees home and I happen to be one of them, that is if you consider counting fish and invertebrates underwater “non-essential.” Ok, maybe that particular job is.

Alas, I’ve been out of work for almost 2 weeks now, and you’d think I’d be playing more wow, producing more podcasts and segments, playing some golf. Nay, sadly. My wife has seized this golden unemployment opportunity to send me to the deepest darkest corners of our house for various cleaning, organization and repair projects. I must say, I’ve accomplished a lot and probably earned some temporary marriage credits, but I’m finally easing back into WoW. Specifically, I just leveled my third toon to 90 and promptly got my fat hairy panda but handed to me while trying to pick up chests in the Timeless Isle. Those elites hit hard on a toon geared at a 420 item level!

But real quick, I’d like to recommend two addons: Rare Coordinator and Tom Tom are essential for getting to rare elites before they are burned to the ground by others. Rare Coordinator will flag you when a new rare is up, then TomTom points you in that direction. It’s helped me get to rares just in time to tap them for loot! You can find them both on Curse.

Remember, you can also hear my segments on The Instance, Rawrcast, The AIE Podcast and Convert to Raid.

Happy Shutdown!



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