Episode 40: Gearing Your Level 90 Alt(s)

30 Jul

If you’re like me, you have a server(s) full of alts, many near or at level cap.

Click below for the audio segment:

Now that the expansion doldrums have hit, and that I’ve taken the summer off from raiding, I’ve had a little time to level a second toon to 90. So much has changed since I geared up my main, that I really wanted to make the gear acquisition as quick and efficient as possible, so I’ve created a list that also may help you gear up your fresh shiny level 90 toon.

The first benchmark is item level 435, which is required for heroic dungeons, the second is 460, which is the requirement for Mogu’shan Vault LFR. So, once that level 90 achievement flashes across your screen, purchase Pandaria flying from the trainer in your faction’s shrine in the VAle of Eternal Blossoms. Next, hop over to Mogu’shan Vaults and do the 2 scenario quests from Loremaster Cho to open up the Barrens weekly quest where you can earn a 489 piece once a week. Also, help the Panda up the mountain in Kun Lai Summit for a pair of 502 boots. Fly over to the Thunder Isle and open up those solo scenarios and quests, try to get a key to Lei-Shen’s Treasure Trove to drop off an elite, and run that treasure room once a week for tokens. Use those tokens for extra rolls on a Sha of Anger or Galleon kill. If you are still not at 460 after purchasing whatever cheap 458 PVP and other PVE gear that you can from the auction house, run random heroic dungeons and random scenarios ‘til your eyes bleed profusely, while still keeping up with the weekly chores I previously mentioned. You should be LFR’ing your way to purples in no time! Also, if you can wait until patch 5.4, all Pandaria faction gear will no longer require rep to purchase, and it will only require justice points, not valor. So, cap out your JP at 4,000 and get some sweet purple pixels when 5.4 drops.

Remember, you can also hear my segments on The Instance, Rawrcast, The AIE Podcast and Convert to Raid.



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