Nerdtacular, here I come! (don’t tell my wife)

2 Jul

Daaamn. Is it really this week?

I can’t believe Nerdtacular is this week! As I type this quickly at work so as to avoid punishment in the form of purchasing drinks for our IT guy, I’ll be packing tomorrow and leaving on the fourth of July and spending the weekend with like-minded people from the Frogpants community. Although I don’t really listen to other FP shows, nor do I have any clue of what the “tad pool” is, I enjoyed 2012 so immensely that I convinced my wife that I should go again.

I’ll eventually get around to posting my audio segment with the creepy panda kids talking to me as I pack, but in the meantime, you can hear it at the end of the latest “Instance” and “AIE Podcast.”

FYI, you can also hear the “AIE Raid Wrapup” that I produce at the end of the AIE Podcast as well. Oh wait, they didn’t record last week. NEWMAN!!!

Tweet me @epicdiapers if you wanna hook up for a drink this weekend. See ya in Utah!



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