Do What You Want

29 May

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Hey all, it’s Sihx, and well, after more than 4 years of raiding with my team, I’m taking the summer off to spend more time with my family instead of my virtual family. It does feel nice to get more time at night with my wife and kids on Wed and Thursdays, but man, I really do miss the raiding scene. However, I’ve refocused my few hours of weekly play time in Azeroth into farming, I mean, literal farming, and of course, leveling alts with the 33% nerf to xp between 85 and 90. If you aren’t raiding or don’t have a weekly committment, I’d suggest you think of things you’d like to do in game, and then make a checklist, in order, of what you can get done in a short window of playing time. Perhaps it’s trying out the new heroic scenarios for ilevel 516 loot. Maybe expanded pet battles, leveling alts, killing 3 bosses in LFR, transmog runs, making a little cash in the auction house, or maybe just getting your sexy blood elf to dance on the mail box all night long. Whatever it is, do what you want, and make sure you’re having fun without taking away from someone else.



One Response to “Do What You Want”

  1. wowstorylines May 30, 2013 at 6:05 am #

    Woot! Congratulations on being able to kick back and start really enjoying the game. I did the same thing a few months back and haven’t regretted it at all – in fact, I think it has made me love the game even more. RL comes first and foremost. Good luck and may you enjoy World of Warcraft even more now that you will have the “relaxed” time to actually see all of the little things. *hugs*

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