Nerd Rage!!!!!

15 May

FIX YOUR D3 SEVERS DIABLO!! (btw, IRL I only have one chin, I’m healthy)

I’m not one to nerd rage, I have too many things that I care about in my life to get upset about a video game (great job, a wife, 2 wonderful kids, baseball, etc.).


Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest, I can go onto wishing how and when I’ll be able to actually play this infernal game.

On another front, I recently put out a call to the community to submit justifications that I could use on my wife for attending Nerdtacular. Well, I’ll notify the winner soon, and although their particular “justification” wasn’t what worked, I still owe them game time. However, I was able to negotiate a trip out to Utah, given that I DRIVE from the Bay Area (CA) to save on gas. One way to cut on gas money is to carpool, so I’ll be cruising out in June with Dills to play some golf, nerd out, and watch “Brave” on the final day.

I’m a happy nerd.

And, go Giants!


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