Episode 23: “That Kid Can Farm!”

2 Apr

"Mom, how much longer do we have to farm?"

Click below for the audio segment:

In a special April Fool’s “Switcharoo” segment, Alludra the Mage takes over Epic Diapers to make your gaming more efficient, well, actually, profitable as a parent. She discusses her exploitation, er, I mean, involvement with her sons in getting them excited about playing World of Warcraft!

Yes, having children isn’t always a money drain, well, virtually speaking, anyway.

You can also listen to MY takeover of “Alludra’s Pets” segment over on her site. It’s #34, “Ghoulies”. You can also stream that segment below:

Four other regular “The Instance” podcast segment producers also swapped segments in an effort spearheaded and organized by Alludra herself.

You can listen to all 6 segments sequentially in the episode #270 of “The Instance” here.

Big props to Alludra for this wonderful idea! I had a blast dipping my toes into the pet world, coming up with a segment that I don’t know much about.



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