I’m Baaaack!

2 Mar


Ok, it was only 30 days, but it felt like the length of a “Twilight” movie. Gaming takes me away from the stresses of everyday life, job and family, included. Throw in the fact that we short-sold our home and moved the whole family into a rental home (it’s very nice, however) with all the baggage (pardon that pun) that comes along with it in the form of packing, losing stuff, large bills, paperwork, losing stuff, arguments, legal stress, losing stuff, and no time to game or have any “me” time, makes a sad man sad, indeed.

Well, things are settling down, the intertubes are open once again in our new home, and my daughter is making many new friends in this new neighborhood, which is much more family-friendly than our former abode in a golf club community with a bunch of stodgy people yelling at her to get off their lawn, quite literally.

I am, however, finding it difficult to get back in the swing of gaming. Other than my raid team that I re-joined this week to finally down Madness of Deathwing (we one-shot it, in fact, and it dropped double agility axes, WTF?!), my other games are collecting dust; and I don’t care. SWTOR is actually emailing me to come back to the game, and my subscription is still active! I haven’t unsheathed my consular’s lightsaber in 7 weeks. Apparently my companion is informing BioWare of this, and they are sending me the intergalactic holomessages to come back. Meh. Whatevs.

So, please tell me YOUR stories of “taking breaks,” and IF you came back to a game(s), how did you go about doing it? Post it here or send me an email at epicdiapers AT gmail DOT com.



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