Dragon Soul Tier Gear: RNG v Raid Composition

30 Dec

Where's my loot, DW?! NVM, I'll ask Blizzard.

Patch 4.3 has been out for some time now, and my raid team has hit the 10 man normal raid, Dragon Soul, week after week. Acquiring gear is always subject to the RNG that is the roll and what actually drops, but I have a complaint about the change in how players acquire tier 13 set gear in 4.3. Previously (tier 11 and 12), 3 out of the 5 tier pieces were purchased with valor points, but you did have to down the final 2 bosses to have a shot at your tier shoulders and helm. Most of our raid team would be fairly balanced in terms of 2-3 tier pieces after a couple of months of raiding that tier level. However, I find myself in the same time frame out from the patch’s drop, yet I have zero tier pieces, but our resto shaman has 6! Yes, 6! He has 3 tier pieces each for his resto and balance sets. How did we get here?

Blizzard decided to change how you acquire tier gear. Tokens to purchase tier gear are only available from the bosses in normal and heroic Dragon Soul (except the first boss, Mor’chak). We have yet to down Ultraxion as our DPS isn’t quite there, so my raid team has only been able to gain access to 3 pieces of tier gear via tokens. The main problem with this system is raid composition. The tier token that applies to me (a death knight), is also shared by rogues, mages, and druids, the only token applying to 4 classes. That’s SIX of our 10 team members! (2 DKs, 2 druids, 1 rogue, 1 mage). We have one priest and one paladin, but no warlocks, so only 2 are rolling for that token, and one hunter and one shaman (and no warriors) that roll for the third token.

This week was even more infuriating. All three tokens that dropped were for the same group (warrior, hunter, shaman), an occurrence that only has a 1 in 27 chance. We normally have one shaman and one hunter, still unbalanced compared to my token, but this week our hunter was out (replaced by a rogue, ironically), so our Shaman picked up all three tokens…in one run in one night! This is how he has acquired 3 tier pieces for each set.

There is something inherently wrong with a system in which one raid member can pick up 6 tier pieces and a few others have picked up zero. My token has a 1/3 chance of dropping off each boss, so on average, one of my tokens will drop each raiding week. Since I roll against 5 others, my chances of getting a tier piece start at 1/6. Obviously, as those that share my token group get their main spec gear, my chances improve, but it will take months before I get 3 tier pieces for my main spec, unless I’m incredibly lucky on rolls.

At least our Hunter, Shaman, Priest and Paladin will be sporting their 3 pieces before our unfortunate group of 6 will even have 1 or 2.

I am not considering LFR tier gear in this post, as it’s inferior to the normal tier gear, which is what I’m shooting for. However, at this point, I’ll take it. Unfortunately, I have yet to get any pieces in my 3 LFR runs. In fact, I seem to be losing out on melee DPS gear to tanks, just to rub it in. Thanks again, Blizzard; now go and fix this!



3 Responses to “Dragon Soul Tier Gear: RNG v Raid Composition”

  1. Abovan December 30, 2011 at 5:02 pm #

    Thanks for writing this up. As a read leader (of the team that you are on :p), this sort of loot distribution worrys me in terms of raid progression.

    The 5th boss of Dragon Soul is a gear check. We need to be able to push out a certain level of DPS and HPS in a very limited amount of time. Due to the ordering of the bosses, he can not be skipped or reordered; he must be defeated to access more encounters in the raid.

    With the way the gear is currently distributed in the Dragon Soul raid, tier gear is luck of the draw if it drops. Valor points can be used to acquire good, equal level gear, but does not have the set bonuses that the tier set pieces have, making the purchased pieces infenior. The stress that I have (and why I haven’t recommended it to our raid team yet) is if we buy a non set piece of gear from valor points, who knows how long it will be before we will need to replace it. The more valuable piece could drop next week, or it could drop 30 weeks later.

  2. Alek March 1, 2012 at 6:28 am #

    well blizzard was supposed to fix this stupid rng so that the tier token will drop more balanced, however, my raid still met the same problem as b4 they even fix the damn rng. so i wonder how much did this fix actually achieve. during bwd n bot time, our pally was having so much fun, while the whole raid pissed off cos the only token drop was for him, the only conq class. then come fireland, where we went thru a period of gearing 1 pally and 1 priest for heroic, n each walked out with 2 set, the pally walked out with 3 set…. n for dragon soul, the normal run was pretty good for vanq class n seem quite balance (and yes our raid combo is the same as yours, about 6 ppls rolled on 1 token – 2 druid, rogue, dk, 2 mages or 2 dk n 1 mages, with 2 conq n 3 prot). however, as soon as we hit heroic, it seems like history repeating itself all over again, prot class was getting good drop, but no where near as good as conq class. today, we have to pug a healer, the only conq class, noob priest got both heroic token off the 2 heroic bosses we down…. obviously the whole raid was pissed due to the fact that we have been downing these boss for over a month, n all we r getting is conq token… it getting to the point where our resto druid is about to quit the game >.> due to rage XD LOL

    ALL in all, the new system to achieve tier token is good in a sense that u can only get it if u raid, n not by grinding heroic dungeoin, however, to keep the 3 class tokens, they ruin the game for basically everyone. instead, they could either do the system where ppls can trade the token in for another token maybe, or even a lost trade where 2 token = 1 other token, that’s way if some guild has bad rng like us could at least able to gear someone, even if its half the rate that we should be getting. instead of getting no gearing atm due to loot getting de or pass on as os.

    • Epic Diapers March 2, 2012 at 5:28 pm #

      I STILL only have 3 tier pieces, while our shaman has 2 full tier sets and 3 pieces of his off offspec elemental set. It’s wonky, for sure.

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