DING! Recruit a friend gave me 5.2 levels PER HOUR

10 Sep

Me haz me rokett mount

Well, I finished my trek to level 80 with my dual boxing recruit a friend adventure! All told, my /played time was 1 day and 14 hours. That is fantastic. Considering that this is the time it took for TWO toons to go from 1-80 AND I got to grant 40 levels, makes it nothing short of amazing. That’s 200 effective levels gained/earned/granted in 38 hours. That’s 5.2 levels per hour!

Even the most robust leveler with heirlooms takes 3-4 days at least, to level ONE toon to 80. Even considering 3 days for one toon (2.2 levels per hour), my conservative estimates tell me that RAF is at LEAST 2.3 times faster than leveling traditionally, even with heirlooms….for the fastest levelers.

I’m a hack at this. It took a while to set up my macros and key bindings. I think that my 5.2 levels per hour blows away the average player’s levels per hour. Conservatively, it takes 4 days to level to 80 (1.67 levels/hr). RAF at my pedestrian rate is still more than three times as fast. I’d say it’s worth the extra cash ($5-10 overall). My time is worth it.



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