Epic Diapers, Segment #3 on “The Instance”

27 May

If you want to listen to segment 3 of “Epic Diapers,” please download episode 231 of “The Instance” at www.theinstance.net or look for “The Instance” on iTunes.


In this short segment, I continued from last week how you can make lots of gold with your limited time. There are a few addons that I use to make several hundred to several thousand gold a day:

Auctionator: This is a great addon that helps you price your auctions with a 5% undercut and in stacks of your choice. It saves time.

Altoholic: This addon helps me find that item or look up a profession skill across all of my many alts.

ArkInventory: This addon will organize your bags, including your bank bags, into virtual containers that you can set up rules for. I set up my bags to sort soulbound items by item level, BoE items by item level, and all my materials into sections by profession.

www.theunderminejournal.com: This website is fantastic! You can look up the price history for the last two weeks for any item on your server’s auction house. What’s nice about this is that you can also set up email alerts for items that cross a certain threshold. For example, if you want to purchase volatile life under 10 gold, it can email you when it drops below that amount. Or, perhaps you have been stocking up on a certain item that you want to flip for a specific price. Once it rises above that threshold, again you are emailed! It gives you the opportunity to capitalize.

Mobile Auction House: The Underminejournal ties into the mobile auction house. Granted, it’s $3 per month, but for me, it’s worth it. In conjunction with email alerts from the Underminejournal, I can quickly log onto the mobile auction house on my iPhone and post or buy such items. Great money making opportunity enhancer!

Feel free to share your tips on how you make most of your limited time in the World of Warcraft by sending me email at epicdiapers at gmail.com or tweet me up @epicdiapers.

Stay epic, my friends!



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