The first two weeks of farming Cataclysm…how’d it go?

20 Dec

I first told myself that I would focus on making money the first two weeks of the expansion, and although I farmed elementium ore until my eyes bled during the first 12 hours, it took me a good week to sell off the 50 stacks. Regarding my last post, I was a bit premature in declaring the bottoming out of the market forever. Even though prices did hit the JC floor within the first 48 hours, they have risen back up and stabilized around 130-150g/stack. However, prices have been slightly higher during the expansion’s first two weekends, and dipping precipitously on Mon-Wed.  With those lower prices, and that I can be a little ADD in game soemtimes, I ended up leveling my DK main to 85 in lieu of farming more ore. In fact, as of this morning, my realm already has ore at 120g/stack and falling. I may just farm “a little bit” and try and sell closer to the weekend when hopefully, prices will rise back to 140-150g/stack for those still leveling their blacksmithing and engineering. I’m not sure how long that demand will last, but I’m sure prices for ore will be lower in 2 months!

So, how’d the farming go for all of you? What are you farming now? How long do you think this will last?



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