Challenges of Time

11 Sep

The problem with maintaining a blog for WoW players that are “time challenged,” is that of course I am myself challenged with finding moments to log on. It also extends to writing this blog, but fear not, I shall not let it die!

This morning is a perfect example. I just got back from a 2 day diving trip for work and since my body was quite used to waking up at 6 am, I hopped out of bed and thought that I might get an hour of WoW to myself. Soon after the loading screen, I transmuted my daily gem (which only happens 2-3 times a week now!) and who walks in? My 5 year old daughter. /sigh

I love her to death, but it seems that on school days she would rather be subject to the frantic pleads from her parents trying to get her up and out the door in time for school. On weekends, her body decides it’s time to turn the tide and do the same to her parents. Man, I wish it was reversed.

So, she hopped on my lap and I let her drive around my druid on a kodo and in flight form. Sometimes I’ll pop on the TV in the office to buy me 30 minutes or so, but just as I was about to summon the digital babysitter, my wife called for me to help with our infant. /wrists

UGH! So, I quickly logged onto my bank alt, collected my sales from earlier in the week (1500 gold, BTW!), and started an AH scan. That leaves me here, 7:30am with both of my kids while my wife sleeps as I use her work laptop to write this blog.

In these moments I try and figure out how to sneak in “productive” gaming in 5 min segments. So, as the organized family chaos ensues, I plan on jaunting down to the office to do the following throughout the day:

  • Keep WoW running (sometimes it will time out, of course)
  • Run AH scan at least twice today
  • Research “The Undermine Journal” for what mats are priced low on weekends for raiding night consumable production to sell on Tuesday, resale items, DE items, bag prices, etc.
  • With said information, purchase items from AH
  • Run JC daily on my mage alt
  • Manage bag/bank from my recently powerleveled leatherworking (see more info below)

The last item is a housekeeping item necessitated by my recent foray into leatherworking. As I’ve noted before, I’m a bit of an altoholic. I love professions, and one of my ultimate goals is to have all professions maxed across my alts. After looking at what was easy to powerlevel, and what was most useful to my characters (I have a shaman and druid at 70/71, so the craftables are perfect for the last 10 levels), I chose leatherworking on my shammy. Using one of the many powerleveling guides on the internet, I used the massive stockpile of leather I had been keeping across many of my toons banks from the years of skinning from multiple toons. The only roadblock I ran into was rugged leather. It was insanely expensive on my server, so I invested some time researching the best places to farm. Some would disagree with this strategy; that it would be more cost-effective to make the required money to purchase said leather (in terms of gold/hr). However, one of the best places to farm rugged leather is Dire Maul North. Gaining access to this instance requires getting the key from Dire Maul East. Although this took some time, it was fun to explore an instance I hadn’t yet done! I took my 80 warlock alt, got the key in about 20 minutes, then proceeded to rain demonic fire all over those poor mastiffs in DM North. Then reset the instance, then brought the rain, then reset, then brought the rain…etc. The SPCA would not be happy with my lock; probably moreso than Michael Vick.

Each run produced about 30 leather, and I needed about 320. So, over two days, it only took me an hour of running the instance (5-8 min per run). This might actually become a gold-making strategy as well. Rugged leather goes for about 30g/stack on average on my server. Considering I can get around 10 stacks per hour, that translates to 300 g/hr. Not bad, but not great, either. You can get 300 gold with about 45 min of Icecrown tournament dailies, quite frankly. But, it’s something different. Plus, you get all the gold, green, and blue drops which bump up the gold/hr a bit more.

So, I only have inscription and engineering to level up. I hope to do so before Cata releases, as well as get my druid and shammy to 80. That will leave me with 7 80s of different classes. Once cataclysm drops, I plan on leveling the final 3 classes to 80, probably as goblins (hunter, priest, warrior). Perhaps even dual-box them for quicker results?

Ah, the faint cry of my infant calls me…off to put on my superdad cape!

Until next time…


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