Purpose of Blog is to…wait, gotta go change a diaper

20 Aug

July 1 was my last post on this new blog. That was more than 6 weeks ago. The purpose of this blog is to try and relate to other WoW players (and gamers in general) who have time challenges, mainly due to family commitments. Well, shortly after my last post, I was called to Louisiana for 15 days to support the Gulf oil spill. See, I’m a marine biologist by day, WoW player by night. I happily served my job and country, much to the chagrin of my wife, working 14 hour days the whole time straight. There was no chance in hell I could write a post, much less play WoW. I think I logged on 2 or 3 times to check mail and do my daily transmute…talk about lost revenue opportunity (easy 100 gold/day!!).

Afterwards, we had a family vacation, and near the tail end, my 7 month old son developed some health issues, which still are not fully resolved. Toss in the barrage of catch up work at my job, and the blog loses any height on the totem pole of priorities.

That said, I was able to raid this week, finally, and sadly, we still cannot get Arthas down past 15%. We’ll try again next week. The alts have been frozen in time. My druid is at 71, shaman at 66. I’m hoping to get both of them to 80 before cataclysm. Of course, I’ll roll a new goblin or two once that comes out…darn the altaholism!

More posts to come, I have ideas…but back to work!


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