Quickly geared 80

1 Jul

My mage just hit 80 today. Already had 50 emblems of triumph to pick up the T9 chest, along with the ilevel 232 cape from Lord Ahune. I’m still missing that infernal 232 staff, but with 3 days left to run Ahune, it’s looking doubtful (7% drop rate).

Regardless, I’m currently running some random heroics, and trying to knock out the regular ICC 5 mans for the frost badges and possible drops. I’m sitting here waiting for a healer to join our group at Ick and Krick. I did pick up a 219 ring in Forge of Souls already.

Run those daily randoms from 68-80, and you’ll have enough badges to pick up a T9 piece right away, perhaps even two lower cost pieces!


One Response to “Quickly geared 80”

  1. wowmentor1 August 19, 2010 at 2:18 am #

    Super advice. To add don’t neglect the professions either. Many of them give some nice stuff to boost your characters abilities.

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